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  {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

      Episode       74.


I sigh and shake my head before walking inside the house and they both stare at me. 
Ethan looking at me with a look that says save me and my sister looking at me with one of those silly looks she looks at me. 

 I remember when Phil first came here visiting our house and how my sister misunderstood everything. 
She thought he's my boyfriend and began her interviewing asking him about unnecessary questions. Where we met. How he asked me out. How far we have gone in the relationship. 
I felt like the grounds should just open and swallow me that day and now she's doing the same thing to Ethan. 
Only that in that situation, Phil and I were friends but in this situation. Ethan and I are.. Well, whatever we are cause seriously I don't know what we are. 
I could say we are friends but we have kissed each other.. Not once. Twice. 
Does friends kiss each other? 
I can't say we are dating either cause he didn't asked me to. 
Wait! Do I want him to ask me to? 
I mean.. I do like him but.. I just don't know. What exactly are we? 
People dating each other kiss all the time but we only kissed twice and does that means we are dating? 
No no. He never said he wanted to date me. 
Then are we just friends with benefits then? 
Oh god. This uncertainty is driving me insane. 

 I gasp as I jot out of my thoughts remembering my sister is still interviewing him. 

 I walk over to them and drag my sister up, smiling a little at Ethan before taking her to a comer. 

 "What the hell do you think you're doing?! "
 I yell but she isn't looking at me. Her eyes are on him. 

 "Sister! "
 I yell and she rolls her eyes at me before turning to him. 

 "What?! "
 She raises her brows and I sigh. 

 "What do you think you're doing right now? "
 I groan, placing my hands on my hips dramatically. 

 "What does it looks like I'm doing? I'm interviewing your boyfriend. "
 She rolls her eyes and I shake my head. 

 "But I may say, he's really hot. If it wasn't that he's with you, I would have seduced him for myself. I mean look at those eyes.."
 Okay, what's happening right now? 
When did my sister turned into someone that gawks over guys? 
 I didn't see her as someone that does this so what's happening to her. 

 "And those lips too. Wait, have you guys kissed? "
 Two times over. But I'm not telling her that. 
It will boost her confidence of thinking I'm dating him. 

 "No. "

 "Really but why? Are you shy cause by the looks, I don't think he's the shy one. "
 "Sister! Ethan isn't my boyfriend! "
 I yell, maybe a little too loudly but this is driving me insane. 
She can't just assume that every guy I'm with is my boyfriend. 
I'm grateful that she wasn't around when Davis came visiting. 
Only god knows what she would have done. 

 "What? "
 Her smile drops and I sigh before nodding my head. 

 "He isn't my boyfriend. He's my friend. Just a friend, like I told you earlier. "
 Really? Are you sure he's just a friend? 
A Voice in my head says and I shake my head immediately. 
Yes, he's just a friend. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

 "But why? I don't understand why you wouldn't be dating. I mean, he's hot and you're beautiful.
Why are you guys not together? Or you're lying to me? "
 She raises her brows and I shake my head. 

 "You wait here. I will go ask him. "
 "Sister, Please don't... "
 Before I could complete my words, she's already off. 
I sigh before trailing behind her to watch the most embarrassing moment of my life. 
I can't believe this is happening right now. 

 "Hey so I've been asking my sister here some questions but she is too shy to answer. "
 Oh god. 
Ethan looks at me and I shake my head immediately before he turns to my sister. 

 "Are you guys together or you're just friends? "
 She pips the question and I feel all the colour drain from my face. 
This is so embarrassing. 

 Ethan smiles before turning to look at me then back to my sister. 

 "Arielle is.... "

 "She's um.. She's my girlfriend. "
 Yes, exactly! Wait. What???!




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