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   {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

       Episode     73.


I got dressed in a Jean trouser and a tank top with a jacket over it. 
I put on my whole sneakers better grabbing my phone and bag, walking out of the room to downstate. 
I meet my sister in the kitchen busy with whatever it is she's busy with. 
I smile before walking to her and wrapping my arms round her neck. 

 "Thanks for allowing me to do this. "
 I whisker in her ear and she chuckles before wrapping up whatever it is she doing and turning back to me. 

 "Here. "
 She gives me a plate and I smile as I stare at all the snacks in it. 

 "I know you'll definitely love eating all these so I packed some for you. "
 She smiles at me and I hug her  wrapping my arms round her. 
   "You're the best big sister ever. "
 I murmur in her ears and she chuckles. 

 "Yeah yeah, I know now let go of me before I actually get emotional and wing allow you to go anymore. "
 She laughs and I chuckle before letting go of her. 

 "Oh, look at her. Just look at how fast she let me go. Are you that eager to go? "
 She raises her brows and I chuckle before shaking my head. 

 " So anyways. Do you know where you're supposed to meet? "
 She raises her brows at me and I shake my head. 

 "What? You don't know?! Then how are you supposed to get there?! "
 She yells with her eyes widened and I chuckle. 

 "Relax sister. I got everything covered. A friend is picking me up, he should be here any moment. "
 I shrug before opening the box and trying to eat out of the sweets when she slapped my hand away. 

 "These are for the trip. By the way you said a friend. Who is she? "
 She asks as she drops the plate in the bag and I nervously rub my neck. 

 "Well, he's no one Actually. Just a friend. "
 I shrug. I sound so pathetic? 

 "He? "
 she raises her brows the same time the doorbell rings and I'm glad for it as I quickly try to run over to it but sister pushed me back. 

 She strides over to it and when she opens it, she's just standing at the door staring at whoever it's there. What's happening? 

 "Um, good afternoon. I'm here for Arielle. "
 I hear Ethan's voice and I run to the door immediately pulling sister away from the door. 
She isn't doing anything. Just staring at him. 

 "Hey. "
 I smile at him and he returns it. 

 "Are you ready? "
 He raises her brows and I nod before walking back inside to grab my bag. 

 I walk back to the door and my sister is still in that position.. Just staring at him. 
I can tell Ethan is getting uncomfortable by the day but she wouldn't stop staring. 

 "Um, sis. Im gone and be careful at the hospital. Don't work too late please. "
 I give her a peck on the cheek before proceeding to walk away quickly. 
I will just give her a call later. 

 "Wait.. "
 She suddenly says and I close my eyes. 
Oh god. I hope she doesn't say anything silly. 

 "Where are you running to without formally introducing yourself. You're her girlfriend, right? "

 "Come on in. I will have a talk to you before you go. "
 What the...? 
I tried stopping her but she already dragged him in. 

 Oh god. Ethan is in trouble.



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