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    {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

    Episode         72.


 My eyes widens immediately. What? 

 "But, I thought you said. "
 I start to say and she smiles at me. 

 "I know what I said Arielle and I also knew I can't hold you back. 
I don't want to lose you yes but I shouldn't hold you have from having fun. 
I know you only agreed to stay because you wanted to see me happy but I also want to see you happy and I know you will be if you go to the camp so come on, come pack everything you'll needing for the next two days. "
 She smiles at me and I jump on her immediately. 
Oh my god. 
I can't believe this. 
I'm gong to the camp. I am really going to the camp. 

 "Thank you so much sister. I love you so much. "
 I grim as I hug her tightly to myself and she chuckles before pulling me away from her. 

 "What's that supposed to mean young lady? 
Are you trying to tell me that you didn't love me before? "
 She pouts and I chuckle. 

 "I love you before but now I love you even more."
 I grin and she shakes her head before continuing to pack my clothes. 

 I help her and pack everything I need. 
Clothes. Shoes. Tampons in case something happens and I don't know whether I would need plates but I think the school will provide every other thing. 

 Sister walks out of the room to help me go and pack some snacks while I walk happily to my bed and grab my phone, dialling Davis contact. 

 📱 Hey you. 
Hi voice comes in and I chuckle before sitting on the bed. 

 📱 Hey, can you please help me with Ethan's contact? I need to talk to him. 
I mutter picking at my fingertips and he chuckles. 

 📱 I can smell something.
 He chuckles again and I roll my eyes, even though he can't see me. 

 📱 Davis. 
 I groan loudly and he laughs. 

 📱 okay, I will send it. Hey, are you be coming to camp? 
 He asks and I grin. 

 📱 Yea, I will. 
I reply, excitedly. 

 📱 Really? That's good then. I will see you at camping. 
I almost ask if the boyfriends are coming but I remember ria telling me that the boyfriends will be coming so I shake my mind off it. 

 📱 Okay, see you. 
I mouth before hanging up and he already sent the number. 

I typed the number in and dial it while waiting patiently for him to pick. 

 📱 Yea. 
He mutters when he picks up. Oh my god. 
His voice is really nice hotter in the phone. 
Geez. This guy is just so beautiful. I almost forget what I was gonna say. 

 📱 Is there someone there? 
 His voice jots me out of my thoughts and I clear my throat before speaking. 

 📱 Arielle. 

 📱 Arielle? 
His voice comes again. Is he seriously acting like he doesn't know me? 

 📱 Yea. Arielle. 

 📱 I'm sorry but I know many Arielle's. Which are you? 

 What? Is he kidding me right now? 

 📱 Never mind. 

 📱 Wait wait. Geez babe you have such a hot temper. 
 I can feel him rolling his eyes at me right now and the use of the word babe made me stomach flutter in the most beautiful way ever. 

 📱 By the way. Why did you called? 
 His voice says again and I gulp in. 

 📱 I talked to my sister and I managed to convince her so yea, I would be coming to the camp. 
I try to keep my voice neutral but it's just so damn hard. 
The happiness and excitement is evident in my voice. 

 📱 Really? That's a good thing then. I didn't thought you would be able to make it. 
Okay get prepared, I would be there in the next twenty minutes. 

 📱 Do you know the address? 
 I raise my brows and he chuckles. 

 📱 Of course I know bad memory. I once took you there, remember? 

 I roll my eyes at him calling he bad memory though I can't help but to smile. 
 I actually forgot he once brought me here that night he saved me. 
That day seems so long when it has only been weeks or month. 

  📱 Okay. I will be prepared. 
I mutter before hanging up and I mentally dance. 

 I should let pressed before he gets here. 
Oh god. What should I dress in? 
I just can't wait for camping. 
I know it will definitely be fun.




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