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  {😜Bad boy in love😜}

   Episode         71.


 "Sister please. I will be safe and it's just for two days. Please let me go. "
 I walk across the couch to stand in front of her and she shakes her head. 

Oh god. I knew it wouldn't be easy convincing her. 

 "Sister. Please, I will be fine. "
 I plead again and she turns sharply to me. 

 "No you'll not Arielle! You will not be fine! You would be injured and your life will be at risk and there's nothing I would be able to do about it so why not prevent it before that even happen?! "
 She snaps and I sigh. 

 "How can you be so sure that I'm gonna get hurt? "
 I almost roll my eyes at her but I control myself. 
This isn't the time for plays. She's really serious about this but I do have to convince her. 
I need to go. To see others and ria and to finally see see what the school camping looks like. 
I wasn't able to attend to the last time too cause i was in the hospital. 

 "because that's what happens whenever you step foot into that school  you always get hurt one way or the other so I'm sorry Arielle but you can't go! "
 She says with a tone of authority and I know she really mean it but I need to convince her as much as I can possibly can. 
She will let me go. I know she will, just a little push. Just talk gently to her and make her understand and she will let me. 
 "I will be fine sister. I promise.Nothing will happen to me "

  "No you will not Arielle. You always say you will but you're always not. I don't want to lose you too Arielle. Not after what happened to our parents. 
You're all I got left and if I lose it, it would break me entirely. 
I will die Arielle which is why I can't lose you. 
I'm sorry but you can't go. "
 She says and I smile before nodding. 

 I understand where she's trying to come from but I just wish things were different. 
I wish people weren't so after my life. I don't even know what I did and I still haven't figured out who was those that kidnapped me. 

 "It's okay sister. I won't go if you don't want me to go. "
 I smile and she placed her pain against my cheek. 

 "I'm so sorry sister. I wish I could let you go but I can't. "
 I smile and nods before hugging her. 
I guess I will just have to call David to tell Ethan I wouldn't he coming. 
I had looked forward to it though. 

 I sigh before grabbing my bag and walking upstairs towards my room. 
I plop down on the bed, burying my head in the pillow. 
I wonder how the camp would have been like ?
It must be fun since ria was talking about it so much and she looks excited while talking about it too. 

 I sigh and grab my phone on the bed before scrolling through my contacts. 
I need to tell Davis. 
I was about to click on dial when my room door opens and my sister walks in. 

 I raise my brows at her wondering what she's doing but instead, she just talks to my closet and begin to pack my clothes into a bag. 
What is she doing? 

 "What are you doing sister? "
 I ask, walking over to her and she sighs, stops and turn to me. 

 "Packing your clothes for camping. "



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