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   {😜Bad boy in love😜}

      Episode       70.


 I sigh as I run my fingers through my hair. 
I don't know what's wrong with me. 
I just can't control myself whenever I'm with her and I just end saying stupid things. 
I really need to control myself around her but I know I had to tell her to come. 
I miss her so damn much and I know I was being a jerk by not calling her. 
I didn't get her number from either Ian nor Davis. 

 But I didn't cause I thought I could get her away from my head but I missed her so damn much that I just couldn't wait another day. 

 Now, I pray she comes with me. 
I have just few days to spend with her before I will have to let her go. 
I can't be with her. I have a fiancee and a father who's damn adamnent that I get married to my fiancee cause of some business deal and to get more fame. 
As much as I don't like the fact, I dare not disobey my father. 
He's strict and whenever he says a word, it must be obeyed or punishment. 

 I just have to spend these few two days with her and forget about her completely. 
There will be no more Ethan once I finalize the engagement. 
I wouldn't he able to spend any more Rome with her and i would have to forget about whosoever Arielle is. 

 My phone vibrates against my pocket and I raise my head from the steering wheel as I bring it out and I sigh, staring at the name across the phone. 

 I swipe to ignore button but she just keeps calling and calling. 

 Out of frustration, I end up picking the call glueing it to my ear. 

 📱 Chase, why have you not been picking my calls? Nor replying my texts. 

 Her irritating voice comes in and I roll my eyes. 
Only god knows just how much I hate this girl. 
I don't even know why but I just hate her the first instant I saw her and now I'm getting engaged to her. 
My life is so fucked up. 

 📱 Do you have something to say? 
 I mutter,cutting her rantings and ramblings. 

 📱 I'm your fiancee chase, I have every right to fall you whenever u want. Besides don't you think... 

 I didn't allow the bitch to finish her words before I hang up the call, hissing and throwing the phone to the other seat as I lean against the steering wheel again. 


 "Goodbye ma'am."
 I bow to boss who smiles at me before I grab my bag and walk out of the restaurant. 

 My phones vibrates against my pocket and it's a call from Phil. I smile as I glue it to my ear as I walk down the street. 

 📱 Hey. 
I grin and there's movement in the other side. 

 📱 Hey Arielle. How are you doing? 

 📱 I'm fine Phil. 
I smile as I try to stop the bus. 

 📱 I miss you.
 He says and I laugh. 

 📱 We just got off phone just yesterday Phil and you saw me just last three days. 

 I smile as I finally stop the bus and get inside, dropping my things beside me. 

 📱 I know but I just miss you. Do you think we can go out this Saturday? 

 He says and I sigh. This Saturday? 
I'm supposed to go to the camp with others though I still don't know if I would cause of sister but I hope she would let me. 

 📱 Okay, I will see if I will be free and let you know. 

 I mutter and he chuckles on the phone. 
We talk about some other things before we get off the phone and I get off the bus before walking down the street that leads to my house. 

  I open the door and sister is already inside. 
I drop my bag and walk over to her, pecking her cheeks and she smiles before turning to me and smiling. 

 "You're back early. "
 I mutter as I grab a slice of pizza from the one she's eating and she nods. 

 "Yea, there isn't much job at the hospital. "
 She shrugs and I nod. 
The is definitely the best time to bring up the topic. 

 "Um, do you know that a friend of mine from school came to meet me at the restaurant today? "
 I smile nervously and she turns to me before turning back to the TV. 

 "Really? Then that's good of your friend. "
 "Yea and he told me they are going for camping tonight. "
 I smile and she just nods. 
She's obviously not getting what I'm trying to say here. 

"I'm thinking of going to the camp. "
 I laugh and her eyes shoot to me immediately as her face holds a serious expression and I know she wouldn't take it easy with me. 
I'm definitely not going to the camp.




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