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    {😜Bad boy in love😜}

        Episode       69.


 I smile as I hug my knees to my chest then check my phone. It's already getting dark. 
 "Ethan, we need to go now. I need to get back to the shop. "
 I tell him and he smiles at me, his dimples popping out before he stands up and stretch his hand to me. 

 He pulls me up to me and our chest collides together as he wraps his arms round my waist and I stare into his eyes. 
They are so beautiful. 

 "Let's go. "
 He smiles at me and I nod before walking ahead of him and he trails behind me. 

  We got into his car and he drives off. 
Soon, we reach the shop and I come out of it, rubbing my hands down my arms as I turn my hair behind my ear and stare at Ethan who smiles at me before looking at the restaurant then back at me. 

 "Come to school camping with me. "
 He says and I sigh. 
I want to but I can't. 

 "It's today. Tonight in fact, will you come with me? "
 He raises his brows and that's when I remember today is really Friday. 
But I can't. Sister doesn't want me anywhere near that school. 
I just can't. 

 "I can't go Ethan. I'm sorry. "
 I shake my head and he sighs, still staring at me and the way he's looking at me almost made me give in. 
He almost made me want to just pack my bags and go with him, right now and right here but I promised my sister. 

 "But why? "
He says and I sigh, turning my palms together. 

 "I will like to go Ethan but I can't. My sister doesn't want me to go anywhere that school especially after what happened last time. I almost got killed. 
I would have if you guys hadn't come to my rescue. I can't. "
 I shake my head and he sighs before stepping closer to me. 
 "Then, I could tell your sister that you would be safe with me. Anything that happens to you will be my responsibility. "
 He says. 

 "Please. "
 He whispers slowly and that's when I notice he's already so close to me. 
One movement and we would be kissing. 
I look down at his lips and sigh. 
Oh god. They look so tempting. I badly want to just... 

 My thoughts are cut off as I feel his lips on mine and I gasp before opening up, wrapping my arms round his neck. Not caring if we are just across the street. 
Not caring if people are staring at us. 
I just want to kiss him is all that matters. 

  He pulls away and look into my eyes while I'm breathing heavily. 

 "I miss you. "
 He says before attaching his lips to mine again and I groan against his lips as I push his head towards me and tug at his hair. 
I could kiss him all day and never get tired of it. 
He kiss so good. 
I wonder how many girls he had kiss that he knows this much.
The thought of him kissing another girl annoys me so much and I pull away from him, untangling my arms from his neck and he raises his brows at me. 

 "What wrong? "
 He asks and I shake my head. 

 "Nothing, I just don't think it's appropriate. I mean we are nothing. "
 I smile warmly. And I'm thinking about the other girls you've kissed which made me so furious. 
I silently add before rocking between my feet. 

 "Oh. Um, yea you're right. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable. "
 He says and I shake my head. 

 "It's nothing. I'm I mean it's alright. "
 I smile at him and he nods, gently biting down on his lip. 
His lips are swollen and pink and they draw me in again but I shake my head immediately. 
No, I can't! I shouldn't. 

 "So what do you say about my request? "
 He says after what seems like forever and I sigh before shrugging. 

 "I don't really know Ethan but let me just check with sister first. If she agrees, I will let you know. "
 I mutter and he nods before looking at the restaurant then back at me. 

 "You should go in. I'm leaving now, I have some place I have to be. "
 Already? I thought he was gonna stay longer. 

 "Oh, alright. No problem. Take care. "
 I smile and he steps closer to me. 
Just when I thought he was gonna kiss me again, he just ruffles my hair and walk to his car then waves at me and drives off. 

 I didn't want him to kiss me. I broke the kiss before he even stopped now I was hoping he would kiss me before he lives. 

 Geez. What the hell is wrong with you Arielle? 

 I shave my head as I walk inside the restaurant. I just hope sister agrees to this. 
I really hope so.



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