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    {😜Bad boy in love😜}



" I want you to go school camping with me " he said.

"Huh??  Hell no!  There's  no way  am going  school camping. " I said with folded  arms. Okey
" why not? " he frowned.
"Because I don't wanna. " I pouts and walked  back to the entrance.
"Get back here Missy!!  Am not done yet. " he groan softly.
"What!! " I feign annoyance.
" I still  had to take you out remember?  Plus  i'll give you time to think about it. " he smirked and moved closer to me.
I could feel my heart beating faster than before.
Deep breaths  Ariel  deep breaths  I kept assuring myself.
"Will You stop staring at me like that?! " I tries to distract him

"Let's go pumpkin. " he smiled and bit his bottom lip in sexy way swears I was drooling.
"Fine you got me. " I rolled my eyes as he open the car door for me and I got in.
He entered the driver's side and drove off" where are we going? " I asked

" somewhere  peaceful and quiet for just two of us. " he said and smiled as he drove to god knows where.


The car came to halt in front of a big statue   of Gilbert.
"Come on let's go. " he held my hand and led me through  a passage way into the statue.

We arrived at the top.  I gasps on seeing the view from up here.

"Omg its so beautiful. "  I squeak like a child.

" I knw  you would like it.  This is my favorite place in the world. " he mumble and sat down on the floor  and I sat besides him.
I stole glances at him.  I don't get  why my heart beats increases whenever he's close to me.
I feel like am drawn to him.  Like my heart is calling for him.

" I missed you so much  Ariel I couldn't  bare to miss yuh any more had to come see you. " he muttered  staring at the view  before  him.

When he said those words  a part of me was  happy to hear it.

"I miss yuh more more. " I shyly said.

" why were you mad earlier?  Was it because  I was flirting with  your colleague? ' he stared at me intensely.

" I was not mad.  I just don't  want you flirting with  her. " I blurted out  foolishly as my cheeks had become so red.

" am sorry    I promise  I won't ever flirt with anyone  am all yours. " he mumble and my heart skipped a beat.
What does he mean by that?

" huh? " I asked.

"I mean am not gonna flirt anymore. " he changed the topic..

"Ooh. " I sighs.




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