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  {😜Bad boy in love😜}

   Episode        67.


It's been fine days since I got discharged from the hospital and sister didn't allow me to go to the school as I promised. 

 I've been going to the coffee shop every morning then coming back by the afternoon. 
I took up another part time job since I'm going nowhere for now. 
I still have to convince her to let me go to school. 
I can't just stay at home forever though she wants me to be enrolled to another school but I don't want to. 
I want to go to Charles. I have friends there and I love it there, even though I get bullied sometimes. 

 According to sister, I almost lost my life and I wouldn't be going there anymore but I will do everything within my capacity to make sure I do. 

 It's been five days since I've seen Ethan last and I don't even have his phone number so I can't even call him if I want to. 
Sasha, Ian and David has been in touch. 
They call me most of the times to check up and Davis comes visiting some times. 

 I don't know why but I just miss Ethan so much.. Maybe because we've grown really close. 

 I shake my head as I drop the coffee in the tray and walk around the counter to get out. 
It's just morning and I'm at the coffee shop. 

 "Here's your black Coffee."
 I drop the coffee on the table and bow down before turning back to leave. 

 "And you could not even say hi. "
 The voice says and I froze immediately. 
I know that voice. 
It's a voice I've grown used to and a voice that had somehow remains in my head these past few days. 
There is no way in hell I wouldn't recognize the voice. 

 I turn back slowly and it's him. It's really him. 
Ethan. He's really here and I'm shaking. 

 "Hey. "
 He smiles at me, getting up and I jot out of my dreamland immediately before scoffing. 

 "Oh, see who decides to visit. "
 I scoff before rolling my eyes, totally forgetting that I'm at the coffee shop. 
 "Did you miss me? "
 He raises his brows and I roll my eyes playfully. 

 "Miss you? I didn't even notice you were gone. Trust me. "
 I miss you so much that it almost felt as if I'm dying.
I wanted to tell him buy I just bite down on my tongue. 
Why should I say that? 

 "Are you sure? I could see your face turn into happiness when you saw me. "
 He brags and I roll my eyes again. 

 "I'm just happy to see a familiar face again. "
 I shrug and he chuckles. 
God. I have missed the way he laughs. 

 "Okay, come with me. *
 He says, grinning my hand and I shake my head. 

 "What? I can't go. I'm working right now if you don't know. "
 I nod my head towards the shop and he shrugs. 

 "I know but just come with met. "
 He says and I shake my head immediately. 

 "No, I can't."
 I insist and he groans before grabbing my hand and pulling me along. 
He stopped in front of the counter where my stupid partner in work is gawking all over him and I roll my eyes. 

 "Hello.. "
 Ethan says and she smiles, flipping her hair back. Is she trying to flirt with him right now? 

 "Goof morning. How can I help you? "
 She smiles and bite her lip seductively, trailing her long finger up to his arm and Ethan isn't doing anything about it. 

 Is she kidding me right now? 

 "There are many ways you can help me baby. "
 He winks at her and she blushes. 
She fucking blushes. 
 I jerk my hand away from Ethan and walk around the counter to put the tray back to its place. 

 "I'm gonna take her out for twenty minutes, can you hook in for her? "
 He says and she is still trailing her finger down his arm. 

 "Definitely, oh course I can. "
 She smiles and I shake my head. Stupid whore. 

 "Thank you. Let's go Ariel"
 He says and I shake my head. 

 "I don't want to. "

 He sighs and walk around the counter before dragging me along and pulling me outside and that's when I see his car. 

 "Are you jealous? "
 He grins, shoving his hands in his pockets and I roll my eyes. 

 "I'm not. What do you wanna say? "

 "I'm sorry if that made you angry. Are you angry about it? "
 He says again and I huff. 

 "I don't really know Ethan. It's been five days since I've saw you and this is the first time we would see each other and the next thing you're gonna do is flirt with my coworker?! "
 I snap and quickly place my hand over my mouth. 
Oh god. I did not just say that. Arielle, you did not just say that. 

 He looks at me and bat his eyelashes. 
"I'm sorry, I was just trying to get you out. That seemed like the best way. "
 He says and I nod. 

 "Why did you brought me out here? "
 I raise my brows and he sighs. 

 "Come to the school camping with me. "
 He drops the words and my eyes widens.




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