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        {😜Bad boy in love😜}

              Episode      65.


 "I wouldn't ever have anything personal to do with you ever again. "
 She has said and I gulp in hard. What do I do now? 
It's not exactly like I want her to find out either. 
I keep telling myself that I would stay away from her but that just seems fucking impossible.
 There's a fire that's always drawing me in closer to her and it's fucking frustrating. 

 I remember just the kiss we had. It wasn't that long but I can feel the warmth in it. 
I've kissed so many girls in my life but never for once, have I give it my all. 
Trying to pour everything in the kiss. 
Never have I.. 
 One kiss with her and I want more. I want more with her. I just want all of her. 
What exactly do I feel for this girl? 
I don't know but now I know that it's more than mere caring about her. 
It's something else that terrifies me.
It's something else that I don't wanna think about. 
It's something else that I don't want. 

 "Why are you asking me that though, is everything alright? "
 She says jotting me out of my thoughts.
Yea, there is something wrong with me. I can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try. 

 "Nothing, I was just curious about it. Nothing more. "
 And because I'm that chase that you despises so much. My subconscious add silently. 

 I sing know what's about. I never really care about what everyone else think about my attitude. 
I didn't give a fuck but suddenly there's this sudden urge of wanting to change everything about myself just to please her. 
It's so annoying and at the same time, it amuses me cause I never thought that kind of feeling could ever happen.. Well not that I ever thought it could have happened to me at least. 

 She smiles and I nod before standing up, shoving my hands inside my pocket. 
I need to get rid of this damn bandage.
I can't wear this to the show. 

 "I will see you soon. I need to catch up with the others. "
 I mutter and she smiles and nods, looking up at me. 
Damn! Those eyes. 

 I return the smile before turning back and walking away, out of the room and closing the door behind me. 

 Who are you Arielle and what have you done to me?


 It's evening already and I just finished watching the boyfriends show at LA two hours ago. It was really a hit and I wish I could go but of course I can't cause I'm trapped in this bed. 

 The door opens and my eyes shoot immediately at it, excepting to see Ethan or maybe one of the boyfriends but my sister walks in though the door and I smile as I sit up. 
It seems like its been forever since I've seen her. 
I miss her so much. 

 "You poor little thing! "
 She cried before hugging me and i lay my head on her shoulder, hugging her even tighter. 

 "I'm glad you're okay now. I thought I almost lost you. Do you know how scared I was? You were unconscious for two days. "
 She says as her eyes gets glossy and I smile at her. 

 "it's okay sis. I'm sorry I made you worry about me like that, I'm fine now. There's nothing wrong with me. "
 I smile and she hugs me again before pulling away and looking down at me. 

 "You're always getting into trouble these past few days since you gained scholarship into that school. "
 She frowns and I shake my head. 

 "I'm alright sister. You don't have to worry anymore. "
 I try my best to calm her but she shakes her head. 

 "No it's not alright. You're always getting injured one way or the other. His much more till they kill you? 
I don't feel comfortable about you going to that school. "

 "Sister... "
 I whisper. I already know we're this is going and that's exactly what I'm afraid of. 
She would tell me to.... 

 "You're not going to that school anymore Arielle. "


  1. Sister please don't do it. Allow her to continue

  2. Big Sis oh🀦🀦🀦
    What is your own again nahπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’



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