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       {😜Bad boy in love😜}

           Episode   64.


Oh. That's right. 
I forgot he's chase's cousin but it's probably nothing right? 
I mean, it's only chase. 

 "What if you find out that chase has been the one sayvng you all these days? "
 Davis raises his brows at me and I cork mime. 
Saving me? How? 

 "Saving me all these days? How can he be the one saving me all here days? 
I don't even see him around often. "
 I say and he nods,smiling before looking away from me. 

 "Okay, I need to get back to the girls. We're having a contest tonight at LA. "
 Sasha says and walk toward me, pecking my forehead and I smile warmly at her.
She's just so nice. I like her. 
If everyone in the world is like her then there won't be any problem in the world. 

 "Take care of yourself you. I. Want to see you back at school and healthy when I get back. "
 She smiles at me and I nod before she pecks my forehead again and move away from me. 
 She walks towards Ian and wrap her arms round his neck while he smiles and wrap his arms around her waist. 
He lean forward and they both kiss and I smile. 
Seeing them kiss made me remember my little moment with Ethan before they all come in. 

 I touch my lip and smile before turning to Ethan who's staring into the space. 
He hasn't said a word since. 
I wonder if he's acting weird because of the world. 

 "Fuck, are you gonna fuck each other right there? 
This is a hospital you horny folks! "
 Calvin rolls his eyes and I chuckle  shaking my head as Ian pulls Sasha even closer towards him. 

 They finally pull away and she stick her tongue out to Calvin who rolls his eyes. 

 "I will meet you guys at the show. "
 She smiles warmly better pecking Ian again and walking out of the room. 

 "We better get going also. We need to prepare for the contest. "
 Stephan says and I nod as they all stare at me. 

 "It's okay, I will be fine. I will be watching you guys on TV here. "
 I smile at them and they all nod before walking out one by one. 
Stephan walks out first and Calvin follows after waving at me. 
Davis ruffles my hair like he always does before walking out and Ian plants a kiss to my forehead before turning to Ethan. 

 "I will meet you guys. "
 He says for the first time since the guys entered and Ian nods before walking out. 
He's leaving also? 
But why? 
He isn't part of the band, right? 
 I do wish he could have stayed longer. 
I shake my head. What am I talking about right now? 
Of course he should go if he has to. It's enough that he saved me and made sure I'm okay. 

 "Um, why didn't you tell me it was you and that you got injured cause of me? "
 I frown as I turn to him and he stares at me for a while before shrugging. 

 "What's the essence? It's okay that you're fine. 
It isn't important about who got injured before. "
 He smiles warmly and I nod. 

 He stares into my eyes and I had to look away from the intensity of his gaze. 

 "I'm glad you're okay. That's all that matters. "
 He mutters and I raise my head up to look at him, my eyes going unconsciously to his lips and I shake my head before staring down at the soup which is still in my hands. 
 Why am I thinking about his lips? 

 "So you really mean everything you said about chase? You don't like him at all? "
 He raises his brows and I sigh. 

 "I don't. I told you, I used to when I thought he was someone better but after getting to know him, I don't like him. 
Well  I don't really hate him but I don't like him either. "
 I shrug and drink the soup again. 

 "What if he has a reason for being the way he is? "
 He asks and I shake my head. 

 "That's not even a excuse. No reason should make you rude towards other. 
He bullied me the first say I arrived at that school all because someone called him ugly. 
I mean he's so full of himself. What if ria says he's ugly? 
God knows if he's really ugly and hiding under that mask" 
 I hiss and Ethan remains silent. 

 "Well, that was just a joke. I know he isn't ugly. "
 I smile and he nods. 

 "And if you find out that someone very very close to you turns out to be him? What would you do? "
 He asks and I tilt my head. 
I'm real confused about the question. 
I don't understand it. 

 "I don't get it. How can he be someone very close to me? "

 "It's just a assumption. Imagine that I'm chase but I haven't told you and you found out, what would you do? "
 He raises his brows at me and it's really weird but he said its just a imagination. 

 "I will get angry and never talk to you again cause that means you toyed with me. 
I would stay away from you probably but I will forgive you if you have a good reason. "
I say and he smiles. 

 "But... "
 I start to say and he looks at me with his brows raised. 
"I will never have anything personal to do with you. "




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