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      (😜Bad boy in love😜)

       Episode       63.


 His lips moves softly against mine and he pushes his tongue in, trying to force entrance in. 
I groan and open my mouth immediately, giving him entrance. 

 His mouth is hot against mine and he pushes his tongue in, kissing the back of my throat before swiping his tongue down my lower lip. 

 His hand moves to my waist and he pulls me more closer to him while I breathe in a sharp breath. Oh god. 

 My hands rest on his chest and I can feel his abs through the thin material. 
He bites down on my lower lip and sucks in the upper one while trapping the lower lip between his teeth and I let out a moan. 

 His lips is soft and it tastes of strawberry and mint. 
 He pulls away slightly from me but not totally and lay his head against mine and I breathe out sharply. 
 He looks into my eyes and smile at me. 
God. I can't believe that just happened. 

 As if he just realize what happened, he pulls away from me instantly and stand up, turning his back to me and digging his fingers in his hair. 

 "Oh god. I'm so sorry Arielle, I didn't know what I was thinking. "
 He groans and I bite down on my lower lip before nodding. 

 "It's nothing really. I'm fine. "
 I smile but he is still turning away from me. 
I sigh and I can still feel the warm feeling of his lips on mine. 

 "Shit...  "
 He curses before turning back to me and the door opens at that exact time. 
Calvin, Stephan, Sasha and Ian walks in. 
Davis is nowhere to be found. 

 They all stare at me before looking at Ethan who's also staring at them. 
Sasha raises his brows at me and I slowly look away, staring at my feet. 

 "I'm glad you're okay now. "
 Stephan says, breaking the uncomfortable silence and talking to me for the first time. 

 "Why? I didn't thought you would really care whether I'm okay or not.. "
 I tease him and he chuckles. 
Did something happen? 
He's being surprisenly interacting, he never talks to me nor look my way. 
He's always taking pictures with his phone. 

 "Of course I do. You're Davis friend. "
 He smiles and I nod as Davis walks though the door with a bag in his hand. 

 My eyes meets with Ian briefly and he smiles at me while I return it. 

 "I got you something to eat. "
 Davis says and bring out the plate from the bag while I watch keenly. 

 "By the way, how do you guys found me? "
 I ask as Davis give me the spoon and move back while they all stare at me. 

 "Sasha called that she saw when you were kidnapped and Ian called chase.
Chase ran there and rescued you. "
 Calvin laughs and my eyes widen. 
What? Chase? 

 "Oh, um. I'm sorry, that just slipped. I meant Ethan. "
 He says and smile and my nerves calms immediately. 
I can't even imagine chase saving me. 
He hates me and I don't like him either. 
I used to think he's a nice guy. Nice and sweet but I was wrong. 
He's nothing but a rude arrogant beautiful jerk. 
I don't know how I would feel if he had been the one to save me. 
He wouldn't even do it anyways. 

 Then my brain sudeenjy connects to something. 
He said Ethan. 
Ethan saved me? 

 I turn to him immediately and he's staring at me. 
That's why he got the bandage? 
He got hurt because of me? 

 He stares back at me before smiling slowly and looking away. 
He told me it was just a little accident. 
Why didn't he tell me he saved me? 

 "But why was those guys after you? Do you know them? "
 Davis asks and I shake my head. 

 "No, I don't. I have no idea why they were after me also but it seems like someone sent them cause they were talking to someone. I don't know who though. "
 I shrug and puts a spoonful of soup into my mouth, letting it run down my throat. 

 "Who could be after your life? "
 Calvin says and I turn to look at him, only to see Stephan taking pictures already and I laugh. 
Taking pictures? Even in the hospital? 

 "Dong mind him. He's obsessed with that thing. "
 Calvin says and I nod before turning to him. 

 "Probably someone who hates her but I just can't guess who. "
 Stephan says. 

 "Do you think it might be Brianna? "
 Davis says and I turn to look at him.
That's impossible. Why could Brianna try to kidnap me? 
I know she bullies me a lot but I don't think she would go to the extent of trying to kill me. 

 "It isn't her. I don't think it can, why would she do that? "
 I raise my brows and they all chuckle as if I've said something wrong. 

 "It's possible to be her. You've no idea what she can do, chase's fiancee. "
 Calvin laughs and my eyes widens. 
She's chase fiancee? 

 "She's chase disagree? "
 I ask with my eyes wide and they all nod. 

 "No wonder she's also like that. She got her attitude from her to be husband. "
 I scoff and Ethan walks towards me, stopping right beside Sasha. 

 "So you man you don't like chase? "
 Stephan laughs, looking at Ethan and I shrugged. 

 "Like him, my foot! He's the worst person I've ever seen in my life.
Acting proud and so rude also. I hate him so much. 

If I can have my way, I will like to get my hands on him one day, maybe beat the hell out of him and teach him some manners! "
 I snap and drink some soup again. 

 "You seem like you really hate chase. "
 Calvin laughs and I nod. 

 "Of course I do, I don't want to ever have anything to do with that guy! "
 I say and they all burst out laughing, staring at Ethan who's eating his brows at me. 

 Did I say something wrong?




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