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       {😜Bad boy in love😜}

           Episode          62.


I groan as I slowly open my eyes and my head hurts so badly. 
All part of my body hurts badly. 

 "Arielle, are you okay? "
 I turn to my side and Sasha is staring at me with Davis beside her. 

 "What happened? Where am I? "
 I groan and look around and I'm in a hospital. 
Why am I here? 
What could have happened? 

 I wince as I try to sit up well and remember everything that happened. 
The memories of last night comes clashing down. 

 How I was walking to Calvin's. The men in suit. The building. Them beating me up. 

 Oh god. I was kidnapped but how do I end up here? 

 "You're okay, right? The doctor said you might feel little discomfort. "
 Davis says and I nod my head, staring outside to see the clear bright sky in sight. 
What? It's morning already? 

 "How long have I been here? "
 I raise my brows at them and they look at each other better turning to me and sighing. 

 "Two days. "
 What? My eyes widens immediately. How could I have passed out for two whole days?! 

 "Your head. Um, you hit your head while they were beating you and you were badly beaten too. You should be thankful that you managed to be alright. "
 Davis says and I sigh. 

 So I've been here for two days? Then how about my sister? 
She must have been so worried. 
I've been making her worried recently. 

 "I.. I need to cal my sister. "
 I sigh, proceeding to get off the bed but Davis stop me. 

 "I called her already. She knows you're here and she just left minutes ago so you don't have to be worried. "
 He says and I sigh before nodding. 
I'm glad for that. It seems like I just keep getting into trouble these days. 
I don't know who those guy's are and what they want from me but it seemed like they were controlled by someone but who exactly could it be? 
Who would want to hurt me? 

 "Go to sleep now. You need it. "
 Sasha says and I nod before laying back down on the bed. 

 "I will get you something to eat. "
 She smiles at me and I return it. She's so nice. 

 "Thank you... You both. "
 I look between her and Davis and they both smile at me before walking out of the room. 

 I sigh and lay on my side. My head still hurts so badly. 
It feels like its getting hit against something repeatedly. 
I don't know if that even makes sense at all. 

 The door opens and I turn, I thought they just left. 
I rage my face to the door, exciting to see David or chase but instead Ethan walks in with a bandage across his head. 
Why is he like that? 

 He smiles at me and walk towards me before sitting beside me. 

 "Are you alright now? "
 He asks and I nod before looking at his bandage. There's blood stain on it, he got injured? 

 "What happened? "
 I ask with my eyes widen and he shrugs. 

 "Nothing big. I got into a accident and got injured but don't worry about me, I'm alright but are you alright? "
 He asks and I slowly nod my head. 
I still don't like that he got hurt. I don't know but I don't like seeing him hurt. 
I don't want to ever see him hurt. 

 "Be careful next time! What if something worse had happened?! "
 I yell and he chuckles. 
Is this the time to laugh right now? 

 "I didn't know you cared this much about me but I'm okay, really. It's just a bandage. 
I was worried about you. "
 His eyes widens as he says those words as if he didn't mean to say them. 

 "I didn't know you cared this much about me but I'm okay. "
 I tease him, repeating his words from earlier and he chuckles before laughing. 
I like the sound of his laugh. It sounds so beautiful. 

 "I thought something was gonna happen to you, I was so worried. "
 He says and suddenly stop laughing. 

 "I'm fine. "
 I smile and he shakes his head. 
 "Don't ever go out alone at night by yourself ever again. You had no idea how worried I was, I thought I was gonna lose you. "
 He sighs and I chuckle. 

 "It's okay Ethan. It's just some beatings and I hit my head which is all right now. "
 I assure him and he shakes his head. 

 "Don't ever do that okay. Don't ever go out all by yourself at night anymore.
Even if it was just beatings, you were passed out for two days, I thought something happen. "
 He says, staring into my eyes and I nod slowly, smiling a little. 

 "I don't wanna lose you. "
He whispers and I realize that he's already so close to me. 
 We are only inches apart. 
I can feel his breath on my face. 
I look up at him as my breathing gets heavier. 
I look down at his lips.. Oh god! His lips looks so tempting. 

 I bite my lower lip and raise my gaze to his eyes and he's also staring at me. 

 He leans in a little before stopping, staring down at me before moving closer and I lick my lips. 

 He brings his hand to my neck and his touch sets my body on me. 
He looks at me once more before closing his lips on mine and I open up immediately.




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