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      {😜Bad boy in love😜

           Episode       61.


 "What are you talking about?! "
 I yell to Ian in the phone as I speed through the traffic light and nearly run into a car but I'm quick to reserve back. 

 The car owner scowl at me and I wind up the car window before taking up speed again. 
The fucking police are chasing after me. 

 I roll my eyes as I turn a sharp corner then drives through the other cars. 
I mix such the car and watch them from the rearview. 
They're waiting, searching for me. 

 I smirk before starting the car again and dialing Ian's number back. 

 "You were saying? "
 I mutter, looking around. 

 "Arielle. She's in trouble. Sasha just told me she saw her been kidnapped, I'm meeting her, she says she knows where. "
 He says and I stop the car immediately. 

 "What? Where's she? Tell me right now! "
 I growl, checking back to see the police has already left. 

 "Yea, it's somewhere around stance, the uncompleted building there. 
We can just meet you there"
 He says and I hang up immediately before turning back and speeding up towards that address. 

 I don't know who the fuck think it's alright to just kidnap her but they sure as hell wouldn't leave that place alive. 


 "Ian is coming soon. We should start going now. "
 I say to Sasha and she nods while we both enter the car. 

 "Ian, I have to tell you something. "
 She suddenly says and I turn to her with a raised brow. 

 "Say it. "
 I mutter and stare the engine again. 

 "Well, um…I..  I lied to you. "
 She says and my eyes widens as I turn to look at her. 

 "What? What are you talking about? "
 I mutter, shaking my head and she sighs. 

 "I'm not supposed to say this but I just don't like lying to you but I didn't see Arielle been kidnapped. "
 She says and I scoff. 

 "So you're telling me that Arielle isn't in rouble and this is all a prank? "
 I raise my brows and she shakes her head. 

 "No, not at all. It isn't a prank and Arielle is in trouble, she's kidnapped but not in that order I gave you. 
She was kidnapped by one of Brianna's men. "
 She says and my eyes widens as I turn my body to look at her entirely. 

 "I will tell you everything. Just let's go save Arielle first. "
 She says and I nod before starting the engine. 

 I drive off towards the direction she gives me and I stop in front of the uncompleted building to see chase's car out already. 

 Fuck. He's in already. 

 I quickly get out of my car and ask Sasha to stay back as Davis car drives in and I run into the building to see chase getting beaten up. 

 I grab the nearest rod I can find and charge towards them, hitting them with the rod. 

 Davis and Calvin comes up behind me and I quickly run over to chase who's bleeding already. 
Why the hell did he went in alone? I told him to stay put. 

 I sigh before turning him to my side and blood covers his entire face. 

 "Chase. Why the hell did you come in without me?! "
 I tell and he shakes his head. 

 "Arielle... "
 He whispers. 

 "What? "

 "Arielle, help Arielle. Fuck grab her, she has lost consciousness already. Just take her first"
 I look behind. Davis and Calvin are still fighting the guys. 

 I will have to take only one of them but Chase is dying already and he's bleeding so much. 

 "Arielle, she'll be fine. I need to take you first, you're bleeding so much! "
 I yell but he shakes his head. 

 "No, I'm not going... "
 He coughs out blood and I gasp. 
"Just fucking take her and stop wasting time! "
 He yells and I groan before carrying Arielle in my arms and running out. 

 "Where's Chase"
 Sasha asks when I drop Arielle in the car and I shake my head before walking away, only to see Calvin and Davis bringing chase. 

 "He's bleeding too much. He needs to go to the hospital fast! "
 They say and I nod as we get him inside the car and speed off. 
 I don't understand why the hell he went I'm within me!!
 He could have died!



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