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        {😜Bad boy in love😜}

    Episode           60.


 "You kidnapped Arielle? "
 I yell, looking at the both of them who only rolls their eyes at me. 

 "Yeah, we did. What are you gonna do about that? "
 Flower steps up  , glaring at me. 
I don't like the girl at all, I've always disliked her and I know she doesn't like me too mainly because of Ian. 

 She thinks I stole Ian from her or something when they weren't even dating before Ian asked me out. 

 "I'm really ashamed of you guys. I can't believe you would have stoop so low to thus level. Kidnapping a girl who has done nothing wrong to you all because of a guy who doesn't even care about you! "
 I shout and flower scoffs. 

 She walks towards me and I glare at her just as much as she did to me. 

 "A guy who doesn't care about me? "
 She scoffs harder and push against my chest and I turn to look at her, sighing. 

 "So that once again and I swear, you're gonna regret it. "
 I growl and she chuckles  

 "Oh, Im so scared. Sasha is gonna beat me up. Who do you think you are?! "
 She starts taking and soon, Fiona runs through the door. 

 "What's wrong? Why are you guys screaming? "
 She rushes her words and I look away. 

 "Maybe you can ask your partners what a poor girl has come to them for both to have kidnapped the girl. "
 I say angrily, glaring at flower who's doing the exact same. 

 "What? You guys kidnapped a girl? This it? "
 Fiona asks and I roll my eyes before bringing out my phone. 

 "What do you think you're doing right now?! "
 Flower tells but I ignore her and dial Ian's number. 

 "I'm gonna tell him that you both conspired to kidnap a girl. "
 I mutter as he picks up. 

 "Hey babe. "
 Her voice comes in and I smile, about to start teasing him but I shake my head. 
I shouldn't get distracted. Arielle is in trouble. 

 "Ian, Arielle is in trouble, she was kidnapped. "
 I say and look over to the girls who look like they want to kill me. 

 "What? What are you talking about? Who kidnapped her and how do you know about it? "
He asks and I look at them once again before sighing. 

 "To whom ordered the kidnapping, I don't know about that but she's in trouble. 
She was kidnapped. I saw it but I couldn't stop them cause they were too much and I had no guards with me "
 I can't believe i just lied to Ian . 
I look at Brianna and she's smiling or sighing. 
I don't know which. 

 "Okay, do you know where she was taken? We're you able to trace them? "
 He asks and I nod. 
I will just get that out of the girls. 

 "Yea, I know where she's. Just bring someone's so we can go together. "
 I mutter and hang up before turning back to Brianna. 

 "Where did you took her? "
 I ask with venom in my voice. 
I can't believe she would do this to a girl cause of a guy. 

 "Why should I tell you? "
 She rolls her eyes at me and I laugh. 

 "Really? Then do you want me to call Ian back and tell him that the both of you kidnapped Arielle? 
Trust me, chase wouldn't want for another second before breaking off that stupid engagement you had with him. "
 I smile and she sighs before looking up at me. 

 "You went against me? For this girl? "
 She raises her brows and chuckles. 

 "I did what was right. That's all. I didn't go against you.
I right your wrong, now tell me where she's. "
 I groan and she chuckles and nod before bringing her phone up at me. 

 I write down the address and dash out of the room towards mine. 
I need ti get prepared. 


 I don't know who these guys are or what they want from me but in in a building, tied to a chair and my hands and legs hurts so much. 

 The door opens and two huge men with gloves in their hands walks in. 

 "Who are you guys and what do you want from me?! 
 Who sent you to do this? ''
 I tell buy they only chuckle. 

 "You don't ask us questions. Girl. "
 The one with dark hair says before they walk over to my frame and another two also comes in. 
Why are they all coming in. 

 The two that first come in hold my already tied arm tightly to the chair and the other two approach me. 
I was still confused about what's happening until a palm connects with my cheek and I gasp.

 "Hold her tongue. "
 He says and a cloth is used over my mouth while I struggle. 

 Another slap then a kick to my stomach that made me stagger the chair backwards but I'm hold up but I cough into the cloth as I try to hold back my tears. 

 Another kick then the other one punches me and I groan loudly as my stomach hurts so much. So badly. 
What have I done to these guys? 

  Two more kicks in the stomach and the one holding the chair let's go and I fall backwards with my head hitting against the floor but that didn't stop them. 

 They just continue hitting me till my vision becomes blurry and I could see nothing else but darkness.




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