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    {😜Bad boy in love😜}

         EPISODE        59.


I smile as I slowly sip my drink. We're at the pool side with Sasha. 
Flower is inside the pool, Fiona is dancing outside the pool and Sasha is at the desk. 

 My plan is definitely gonna work through. 
That girl will definitely regret messing with us. 

 "What has had you smiling since? I've been watching you. "
 Flower says, dipping her head out of the pool and I merely shake my head. 

 "Nothing really. I'm just thinking about something. "
 I bring the glass to my lips to he wouldn't see me smile and she stares at me for a while before going back inside the pool. 

 My phone vibrates and I take it out, smiling upon seeing who it is. 

 "Is it done? "
 I ask and the girls all turn to me with their brows raised. 
I roll my eyes before standing up and walking inside as a maid quickly cone out and use a towel to cover my body. 

 "Yea, it's done. She's here, what so you want me to do with her? "
 He asks and I sigh. 
I should just have them kill her right now and right there but I'm not that wicked. 
She hasn't really done anything much but I know she's trying to get closer to chase. 
This should be a warning to her. 

 "Nothing. Do nothing. "
 I mutter and there's silence at the other end. 

 "If you wanted nothing then why did you asked me to kidnap her? "
 She says and I shake my head before walking up the stairs to my room. 

 "Just to teach her a lesson that are shouldn't mess with me anymore. 
Have her there till morning, beat her up and let her go after that. "
 I mutter before hanging up the call and I jump up as flower stares at me with her brows raised. 

 "Who are you beating up and teaching a lesson? "
 She raises her brows and I stare weirdly at her. 
Then the hell did she entered and I didn't even noticed. 
She's insane. That's what she's, insane. 

 "None of your concern flower. "
 I sigh before sitting on the bed and she's staring at me as if I've suddenly say something wrong. 

 "I mean it, it's nine I'd your concern. "
I sigh, taking my gaze to the phone. 
When I raise my head, I except her to be gone but no.. She isn't gone. 
She's staring at me with her arms crossed against her chest. 

 "Really? "
 I groan and she grins better nodding. 

 "Fine it's that girl. Arielle. "
 I roll my eyes and she quickly sit beside me upon the mention of her name that I'm surprised at the speed she walked over to me with. 

 "Really? You kidnapped her? "
 She grins from ear to ear. She really do hate the girl. 

 "Yea, I did but I'm letting her go in the morning. "
 I shrug and she frowns at me. 

 "Why would you do that? She's the cause of our problems. Why not just kill her? "

 "I'm not killing her flower. She hasn't done anything wrong. 
It's enough that I had them kidnap her, if she hadn't insulted me or tried to get close to chase then I wouldn't have done this but she bright this upon herself. 
She will be beaten miserably. 
She will have no one save her. 
She will never forget about it for the rest of her life. 
Trust me when I say Arielle will regret ever messing with us. "
 I grin and the door burst open as sasha walks in, wide eyes and staring at the both of us as if we've just murdered someone.



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