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   (😜Bad boy in love😜)

          Episode         58.


I breathe in and out as I turn to look at violet who's wrapped up in me. 
No matter how many times I try to remove her, no matter how many times I try to forget about it. 
She still comes to my memories. I can see her just every single place. 
Her image keeps appearing in my head and it's frustrating me so much. 

 I sigh before untangling myself from violet who's already asleep. 
I decide to do one thing that would put me out of my misery right now. 
I need to find her. 
I need to find Arielle.
Maybe just to look or stare at her, I just need to see her face. 

 I grab my keys after putting on sport pants and a white shirt plus jacket. 
I debate whether or not to lock the door but decide to keep it open since violet is in there and she might want to leave before I come back. 
Every time I have a trouble or problem to deal with it something I'm trying to escape. Sex is always the solution. 
But no matter how many times I fucked violet. 
No matter how many times I close my eyes and try to focus on violets who's moaning breathlessly under me. 
She still find a way to sneak her way inside my head and mess with me. 
Violet's moans turns to her voice and violet's face turns to Ariel's that it's driving me fucking insane. 

 I shake my head before getting inside my car and that's when my eyes caught something. 
Wait! This are Arielle's things. Why are they here? 
I thought she took them when she got off the car yesterday night. 

 Where's she anyways? 
Since school should be over my now, she must be at that coffee shop. 

 I start the engine and that's the same time her phone rings and I pick it up. 

 I don't know what tempted me to but I swipe to the receiver button before glueing the phone to my ear, holding it between my cheek and shoulder before finally starting the car. 

 📱 Arielle, why the hell have I been calling you and you aren't picking. I've called your coffee shop where you work at, they said you haven't signed it. 
If you aren't in that shop then why the hell aren't you at home yet! 

 She yells into my ear and I press on full brake immediately as my breathing hitches. 

 Arielle isn't home? Where could she be then? She should be home by now. 
I'm sure they would have already finished at school. 

 Nevertheless I hang up the call and grab my phone, calling Davis immediately. 

 📱 Hey man. 
 Her vice comes I'm and my breathing is ragged. I feel like I would go crazy instantly. 

 📱 Hey, are you guys still at school? Is Arielle around there? 
 I rush my eyes, closing my eyes and breathing heavily. 

 📱 No, we aren't in school and they should be gone by now. Arielle should probably be home by now or that place she works. By the way, why are you asking about her. 
You know, I've actually observed you two these past days. 
Is something going... 

 I didn't let him complete the words before I hang up and dial Ian's number. 
I don't give a shit if I've just beaten him up or not. 
I just need to know where the fuck she is. 

 📱 Hey. 
He says plainly and I'm sure I would have roll my eyes if I wasn't sick to my bones right now. 

 📱 Arielle, is she with me? 
 Are my first words, accompanied by my heavy breathing. 

 📱 No, no she's not .
Is everything okay? 
 I didn't let him finish before I hang up and throw my phone against the dashboard. 

 I rug at my own hair and pull at it harshly. 
She isn't at home. At the coffee shop just like her sister has said. 
She isn't with Davis and she isn't with Ian. 
I thought any about Calvin but if she isn't with Davis then she can't be with him. 
Where the hell is she?! 
Why is she making me so worried about her? 

 I groan and start the engine immediately, driving off at the full speed and running along the road. 
I cross many signs and many traffic hold ups but I don't care. 
 I don't mind searching the entire city to look for her. 
I just need to find her or I might really go insane. 

 And at that moment I realized, I'm really concerned about her even though I shouldn't. 
At that moment, I realized how much I care about her, no matter times I deny it. 
At that moment, I realize why she's always on my mind. 

 And at that moment, I realized I would do just about any fucking thing for her. 
 Even drive around the city like a crazy person, in search for one single person.




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