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   (😜Bad boy in love😜)

        Episode           57.


Ethan didn't show up and I'm getting real worried. 
Maybe he doesn't attend here but he should have at least come here for my sake. 
My bag and my bike 

I don't even have his phone number which means no way to call him. 

 "Are you okay? You're not looking so good. "
 Ria says as we walk out of the class. 
The day is already over and it was really fun. 
We played around and the girlfriends sang for everyone, including that there was a welcome back party for Sasha. 

 "Yea, someone. I'm just waiting for someone. "
 I groan loudly. Why couldn't he just come here to give me back my things? 
Why did he disappeared yesterday by the way? 

 "Really? Who's it, is it someone I know? "
 She raises her brows and I chuckle before shaking my head. 

 "I don't think you do. He's with my bag, my phone and my bicycle. "
 I sigh and she turns to me sharply. 

 "Really? What? Who's it and how come your things are with him? Your boyfriend?  "
 She grins and I roll my eyes at her. 

 "No, you silly girl. Just a friend. "
 I smile before walking down the hallway that leads to the compound. 

 "Okay, do you want me to drop you off at home? "
 She says and I shake my head after giving her a smile. 

 "No, it's okay. I will be fine, I need to get to somewhere first. "
 I smile and she nods before hugging me, proceeding to walk inside the car when she suddenly stops and turn back to me. 

 "You don't have my contact, right? Will you give me yours or I should give you mine? "
 She raises her brows at me. 

 "Mine. "
 I say and she gives me while I type my number in it and give her back the phone. 

 "See you for camping tomorrow. "
 She smiles and waves at me before getting inside the car and driving off. 

 I sigh before walking down the street that leads to the coffee shop but instead, I turn back and walk towards Calvin's penthouse. 
I have to get Ethan whereabouts from him. 
I need my bike, my phone and my school bag. 

 I take the long way towards his house round when suddenly three figures appears in front of me. 

 I stop immediately and watch the figures appear under the light. 
Three men dressed in suit with something like earphone in their ear and their faces looking stern. 
I don't think they're here for child play. 

 "Who are you guys? "
 I let my voice remain firm, trying not to sound weak as I form my fists, moving back slowly. 

 "Exactly who we're looking for. We found her. "
 The one in the middle says into the earpiece and I gulp in, still moving back slowly only to collide into a body. 
Who they are looking for? 
I don't know these guys, why are they looking for me? 
What have I done? 

 I turn back sharply and three more are staring at me. 
Who the hell are these guys? 
They don't look like kidnappers nor do they look like thugs. 

 "Come silently with us and we don't have to hurt you. 
Try to act tough and it won't be easy for you. "
 Another says and I shake my head before pulling my fists together harder. 

 "Stay away from me! "
 I growl loudly and two moves towards me but i shake my head and try punching him but he holds my fist and twist it while I groan in pain, going down slowly. 

 Another charge towards me but I try to kick him. 
My leg was captured and twisted better he throws it to the ground, letting it hit against the hard floor and the pain surges through me. 

 "Let me go! Who the hell are you guys and what do you want from me?! 
I say let me go! "
 I yell, trying to struggle with the one holding my fist. 

 One comes from behind and hold my heck in place and a handkerchief was used over my nose. 
I gasp and try to keep my eyes open, trying to avoid loosing consciousness but it's impossible and the next thing that falls from my lips is muffled screams and shouts better my eyelids begin to close on their own, only faint sounds could be heard and I fall to the ground, hitting my head against the rigid floor and the darkness pulls me in, welcoming me.



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