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   {😜 Bad boy in love😜}

          Episode 55.


 "Are you even listening to me? "
 Ria voice jots me out of my thoughts and I turn to her with a small smile. 

 "Yea, I am. Sorry, I'm just looking for someone. "
 I smile and she nods. I decide to ask her since she's likely been here more than I have been. 

 "Hey, do you know if Ethan goes here? "
 I raise my brows at her and she narrows her eyes at me. 

 "Ethan? "
 She repeats abd I nod my head twice. 

 "Ethan, Chase cousin."
 I mutter and she tilt her head to the side. 

 "I didn't know Chase has a cousin named Ethan. I guess you've grown used to the boyfriends and know them than I do but i don't know about Ethan. "
 She smiles and I return the smile, nodding at her before looking away and walking inside the class. 

 "By the way, you said today is free. Right? "
 I ask her and she grins before nodding. 

 "What do you guys usually do with your free days? "
 I ask and she shrugs. I have basically nothing to do. 
I'm without my bag and my phone, all thanks to Ethan. 
I'm still wondering why the hell he just ran off like that. 
It was just some seconds with Phil and he's gone already. 

 Could have at least drop my things though. I think he might have forgotten. 

 "Nothing really. We just joke around and mostly prepare for camping tomorrow. "
 Oh yes, that's right. She said Friday's are always for camping. I should tell my sister about it once I get home.

 "I notice you're without your bag. Is everything okay? "
 She asks and I smile before nodding. 

 "Of course, why shouldn't it be? I'm okay, my things are with someone. That's why. "
 I smile and she nods before bringing out her iPod. 

 "Watch this with me. "
 She smiles before connecting the earphones and giving me one. 
I take it to my ear and she's watching some sort of TV show. 

 "Wait for it. You'll love it, promise. "
 She grins and I smile before nodding. 

 Soon, I was laughing my nerves out. Totally forgetting about the fact that I'm in class. 
The videos are just so funny. 

 Finally it's the end and I laugh again before giving ria the earphone. 
"Where did you get that? "
 I ask, still laughing and she just shrugs. 

 "Some internet stuff. "
 She smiles and I nod before looking up and my gaze meets with one of the girlfriend. 
The one that's always quiet amongst them. What's her name again? Right. Fiona. 

 Her gaze meets with mine and she starts coming towards me while I sigh. 
What's the problem this time again? 

 She stops in front of our desk and students already surrounds us with phones raised in the air waiting for whatever is gonna happen. 
Ria looks at me with a raised brow probably to ask what she's doing here and I shake my head before raising up from my chair to stare at the girl who's also staring at me. 

 "Um, I want to talk to you about something. "
 She says and I nod, gesturing for her to continue. 

 "I want to say sorry for everything the girlfriends has done to you. 
We shouldn't have. Personally, I want to  apologize and let you know that I had no hand in this. I hope you don't see me as your enemy or someone who hates you. 
I'm very sorry. "
 As the words tumbles out of her mouth, my eyes widens with each word. 

 Did she... Did she just apologized to me? 
Okay literally, she has never done anything to me. 
When they were there, she wouldn't do anything but just stare but the fact that she couldn't stop her fellow friends makes it wrong but I still can't believe she's apologizing to me. 
I thought she had come here to bully me too but I was wrong.

 "Forgive me? "
 she stretch her hand forward to me for a handshake and I stare at it and look at the students who all have  a surprise look on their faces. 

 "Sure, you didn't do anything wrong Fiona. "
 I smile and shake her hand. 

 She smiles at me when a girl suddenly runs in shouting boyfriends and that Sasha is back and everyone start running out. 

 "I have got to go. See you around. "
 Fiona says and I smile and nod at her. 
She waves at ria before walking out of the room. 

 "I told you she isn't the troublesome type. "
 Ria says and I smile then nod. 

 "Let's go. "
 She says and grab my arm while we both walk out of the class. 
The school looks empty. There's no student in here. 
Guess they all go out to see Sasha and the boyfriends. 

 We both talk slow steps and everywhere is crowded. I can't even see the boyfriends walking in. 
Finally the securities makes way for them and the boyfriends comes in view. 
Wait. Where's Chase. He isn't here. 

  I look at Ian and a gasp slides through my mouth. 
He has a purple eye and his lips are busted.
What the hell happened to him? 

 💭 Guys Ian. What happened to boyfriend Ian. 

 💭 Am I the only one seeing  this. Why is Ian looking like that. 

 💭 I can't see boyfriend chase. Something must be going on.

 I sigh and look at Ian one more time and his gaze meets with me. 

 He stops and suddenly start walking towards me. 
What's happening? 

 He stops before me and grab my waist, pulling me along as the hall fills with screams and gasps then murmurings.



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