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   {😜Bad boy in love😜}

        EPISODE      54.


 I breathe out as I finally see the school gate ahead. 
Thanks to Ethan, I couldn't use my bag nor my school bag or my phone even. 
I had to walk to school and all I'm praying for is that he's here. 

 Now that I think about it. I haven't actually seen him in here ever before. 
Could it be that he isn't going here? 

 I walk inside the compound and that's when a car stops by my side. 
I turn to my side and my smile grows as ria comes out of the car. 

 "Where the hell have you been? You weren't here yesterday. "
 I frown as she closes the door and the car drives away. 

 "Yea, I know. I had to do something at home and it was already late by the time I was done, I couldn't come "
 She says, engulfing me in a hug and I smile before hugging her back. 

 "I saw the video. Poor you, are you okay now? "
 I arch my brows and pull away, wondering what she's talking about but realization hit me and I nod. 

 "Yea, I'm okay now. Don't worry about me. "
 I smile and she nods before dragging me along. 
 "Today is lecture free day so we get to play throughout and maybe if the boyfriends come... "
 She starts blabbering but I zone out already. 

 Where the hell do I find Ethan? 


 I puff out smoke as I stare down at the girl named Arielle as she laughs with her friend. 

 That girl... 

 My phone rings and I smile, seeing who it is. 

 πŸ“± Did you find out? 
I. Ask immediately I answer the call. 

 πŸ“± Of course, I did. Don't you trust me? 
His irritating voice comes in and I roll my eyes. 

 πŸ“± Tell me. 
  I demand, puffing out smoke and it cover my face. 

  πŸ“± Parents are dead. Lives with her elder sister who's a surgeon at a local hospital and she works at a coffee shop. 
Scholarship to get into there and they've no value to the society. 
No high position and definitely no extreme worth. 

 I smirk as the words replays in my ear. 

 So this poor commoner with no value is the one dragging chase with me and dare call me names. 
I can't believe this. 
She's really brave to have try this with me.

 πŸ“± The first plan. Carry it out. 

 I smirk harder as I cut the line. 

 Arielle. Arielle, let's see just how brave you are right now.



  1. Banana or what did you say is your name? Chase or is it Ethan is in love with my girl so back off or face the consequences

  2. u should know that u are blocking ur way in Chase heart by trying to hurt Arielle.

  3. U will just be pushing her to chase and chase is already in love with her

  4. What is this woman called Brianna trying to do again oh😿😿😿
    For once allow her to rest small nah😭😭😿😿😿



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