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  {😜Bad boy in love😜}

       Episode     53.


 I pull away from her before using my thumb to wipe away her tears. 

 "I'm so sorry about the tears. I'm just acting stupid these days. "
 She chuckles and I shake my head before wiping off the tears. 

 "Thank you. "
 She smiles stylishly at me and I nod my head before pulling away. 

 I start the engine and begin driving toward the direction of her house. 
I stop at the front of the apartment and I see a figure in front of the apartment. 

 A boy actually. 

 "Phil? "
 Arielle mutters before getting out of the car hurriedly. 
I unfasten my seatbelt and watch as she rushes to the guy. 
The guy turns back immediately and hugs her to himself. 
At that moment, I grip the steering wheel tighter. 
I feel like junking out there and beating the hell outta him. 

 But why should I? 
Fuck. I'm going fucking insane. 

 She hugs him back and I huff before pulling back and driving off immediately. 

 I need to stay away from her. I can't get too close but first, I need to do something. 


 "I was so worried. "
 Phil says, patting my hair and i hug him tighter better pulling away. 

 "Phil, I need to talk to someone. "
 I pull back to turn to Ethan only to find the car nowhere. 

 Did he left already? 
But my bicycle... My bag. Why did he left? 

 "Who?  "
 Phil asks diverting my attention back to him and I shake my head. 

 "Never mind. Why are you here? "
 I smile, turning to him and he shrugs. 

 "I was just so worried about you and I had to see you or my mind won't be at rest."
 He sighs and I chuckle before shifting uncomfortably from one feet to another. 

 "Are you sure you're okay? "
 He asks again and I nod before leading him to our favourite spot. 
Laying on the grass, under the moonlight. 

 We both lay down and I sigh, staring at the moon and thinking about everything that happened to me since I stepped foot into that school. 

 So much has happened. So many much things. 

 "How's school? "
 Phil asks and I chuckle before smiling. 

 "Good. It has been good. "
 Apart from every bad thing that has happened like getting being bullied and all the boyfriends stuffs. 
Apart from that, the school is actually good. 
Got free nice mouthwatering food. 
Nice classes. 
Made some friends and get to learn Spanish. 
It's actually good. 

 "So who were you gonna show me"
 He says and I smile remembering Ethan. 

 He's like literally the most handsome guy I've ever seen, a guy with that type of skin and he has these eyes. I don't know how to describe it but his eyes are great and I flush every time he stares at me. Everything is perfect but I don't know what the feelings is. 
I just keep thinking that something is off. 
I don't know why. 
It must be my thoughts tho. 

 I sigh as I try counting the stars and I suddenly remember what Sasha said earlier. 

 That's right. 
I shouldn't come between those two. 
I don't even have any chance of coming between them. 
I should forget about this Ian thing and focus on school for now. 

 Right. I should.



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