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  {😜Bad boy in love😜}

   EPISODE          52.


 My Arielle? 

Where the fuck did that came from? 
I didn't care though, I just keep hitting the guy. 

 "Ethan!! "
 Her voice shout and I turn to look at her, nose flaring and chest heaving up and down. 

 She stares at me before her eyes goes to the guy who I don't even think is breathing. 
I move away from the guy and without thinking, I take one long stride towards her and hug her to my chest. 

 A gasp comes out of her mouth and I close my eyes, patting her hair. 

 "Are you okay? What happened? He did something to you, didn't he? "
 I pull away, cupping her face in my hands and she just stares at me. 

 "Arielle.. "
 I call again and she blinks her eyes twice before shaking her head. 

 "No, he didn't. He didn't do anything to me. "
 She says, looking into my eyes. 

 "Then why was he with your bag? I saw it with him. "
 I mutter and she shakes her head. 

 "No, I... "
 Her voice cracks. Is she surprised towards how I'm acting? 
Hell, even I'm surprised with how I'm acting but one thing is certain right now. 
I will go back and kill that guy if he had touched her. 
 She clears her throat before talking again. 
"No he didn't. They were three of them trying to touch me but I beat two then this one ran away with my bag and I couldn't catch him cause they burst my bicycle tyre. "
 She says slowly and my eye widens. 
She beat two guys? By herself? 

 "You beat two guys? "
 I gasp, my voice laced with surprise and age chuckles. 

 "Yea, it's nothing. I tend to always defend myself  "
 She smiles. 

 "Why didn't you at school? "
 I raise my brows at her and she sighs. 

  "I couldn't. I mean the girlfriends have guards holding me already and I don't want to cause trouble in school. 
I'm a scholarship student and the principal will probably send me off without thinking twice. "
 She says and I nod as I stare at her. 

 I cannot believe I just did that. 
I realize I'm still holding her face and I quickly remove my hand before chuckling nervously. 
Fuck! When did I start getting nervous? 

 I walk back to the guy who's still struggling in the floor before raising Arielle's bag to her and she smiles before taking it from me. 

 "Is he breathing? "
 She asks, referring to the guy on the floor and I shrug before saying yes. 

 I lead her to my car and take the bicycle inside the boot then entering the car. 
 "You were going to the coffee shop right? "
 I ask and she nods her head. 

 "But I don't need to go there anymore. It's already late.
I will just go early tomorrow morning. "
 She say and I nod before shifting over to her and leaning in. 

 She moves back immediately and I chuckle before helping her with the seatbelt.

 "How did you find me anyways? "
 She asks as she gives me the direction of her house and I shrug. 

 "I wanted to figure out something. "
 I say and look at her briefly before turning back to the road. 
Maybe I don't hate this girl as much as I thought I did but I can't get too close to her either. 
She'll only get more hurt in my world. 

 "What's that? "
 She asks and I smile. 

 "Nothing really. Don't worry about it. "
 I smile at her before looking away again. 

 "Ian told me he's getting engaged to Sasha. "
 She mutters in a low tone and I stop the car immediately. 
What the... ?

 "What did you just say? "
 I turn to her and she smiles a little. 

 "he told me right after you left. He's happy she's back and they are getting engaged soon. 
Sasha told me too and also, to forget about him. I know there's no way but it just hurts. "
 She picks at her fingernails and I try to calm down my breathing. 

 How can they do this to her? 
Telling her they are getting engaged. 
Thinking about it makes me so mad. 

 When I look back at her, she's crying and I sigh before pulling over the divider and pulling her to my chest. 

 "I don't know why but it just hurts so much. "
 Her voice cracks as she cries and I pat her hair softly. 

 Ian is definitely gonna get a piece if my mind.
I don't care if he's my friend, my band mate or not.




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