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   {😜Bad boy in love😜}

        EPISODE       50.


By the time I get to school, it's already getting so dark because I couldn't find a cab and I spent hours trying to find the way to school. 

 When I finally found it, I take the long walk to school. The house is actually quite far from it. 

 I arrive at school and I look around the huge building. 
There are still some few students wandering around. By this time? 
What could they be looking for? 

 Seeing the students made me remember ria. 
I didn't see her in school today. I hope everything is alright with her. 
I don't even have her cell phone number. 

 I walk to where I park my bicycle and unlock it from the metal ring. 
I get on it and start driving back. 
I need to get to the coffee shop first. 

 I haven't been going regularly these past few days. 
I haven't even go there to explain for not going back after the delivery yesterday and right the money. 
I have to get the money from Calvin. 

 I stare up at the sky as I remember the night Phil told me he likes me. 
We still haven't see each other since then. 
It's actually strange and I feel real awkward about it. 
I just hope what he's feeling doesn't affect our friendship. 
I really like Phil a lot.. As a friend. 

 I hum one of the boyfriends song as I ride slowly to the shop and that's when I see three figures ahead of me but I can't see their faces cause it's dark. 

 I stop and stare at them and they come out of the dark, grinning at me. 
Three boys and I can swear, with just one look at them. I know they're thugs already. 

 I gulp in as I hold tightly to my bicycle and stare at the three awkward looking guys with piercings all over their face. 

 "Beautiful girl, how would you like to go out with us? "
 The creepy one amongst them with strangely red hair says and I shake my head. 

 "No, i don't. Thank you. "
 I begin to ride my bike but the one with dark hair use his leg against my tyre. 

 "What do you want? "
 I snap and they all chuckle. 
I look around and the street is dark and silent. 
The only light is the city light and the moonlight. 

 "You, we want you. "
 The third one smirks and I shake my head. 

 "I will scream if you guys don't move. "
 I say and they all laugh. 

 "Sure scream baby. Scream, I will love to hear you scream. "
 The one with dark hair says and I bite the inside of my cheek before turning the bike back, away from them. 

 They all watch what I want to do and I get it to high speed, charging towards them and they all fly out of the road. 

 As I was about to speed out, the one with red hair hit my tyre with something and the bicycle stop, almost making me to trip. 

 I stop and get up from it, staring at the three guys who are still charging towards me. 
What type of a delay is this? 
I need to get to the shop fast. 

 I remove my bag and fling it around while shouting for them to leave me alone but they only laugh and continue charging towards me. 
My bag was taken from me and I sigh, breathing out. 

 I fold my fist and charge towards them, punching one and kicking the other in the groin. 

 The other one takes my bag and run away. 
What the...? 
 I take my bicycle and start running after him but it's so hard to catch up with my bicycle slowing me down.


 "Oh chase. Yeah, right there. Oh god  ."
 The bitch moans under me as I pound into her, hard and fast. 

 She keeps coming to my mind. I need to get her off. I need to distract myself from thinking about Arielle. 

 When I look up at her face, I'm seeing Arielle. Fuck me. 

 I shake my head and pound into her two more time before I spill into the condom. 
I breathe out and collapse beside her, staring at the ceiling. 

 "That felt good. Should we go again? "
The bitch I don't even know her name says. 
I turn to look at her and her hair is disorganized.

 She doesn't even look half the beauty Arielle is. 
Oh god. 
When did Arielle start looking beautiful in my eyes. 

 I shake my head and get out of the bed, walking to my closet and putting on my cloth which is just a Jean with a shirt that says boyfriends. 

 "Be out of here before I get back. "
 I say to the girl and grab my keys plus phone. 

 "What, chase. I"
 She starts to say and I roll my eyes. 
She should be lucky I'm not in my house for the maids to drag her out. 

 "You'll regret it if I meet you here. "
 I utter before walking out of the room. 

 I need to get to Arielle. I need to get to her and know why the hell I keep seeing her everywhere.



  1. Awwn ☺️
    Finally chase head is starting to function well ��

  2. Interesting kudos to u
    Next plzz

  3. hahaha Chase has fallen already whilst Ari has the hots for Ian



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