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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

     Episode       48.


 I quickly wipe away my tears before Ian turns and See Me. 
I sniff and rub my eyes and he turns to me. 

 "Are you okay? "
 He asks and I smile before nodding. 

 "Why wouldn't I be? I'm happy for you. "
 I fake a smile and he nods before turning back to the swimming pool and I stand up. 

 "I need to get my bag. "
 I mutter and he nods and give me a small smile while I walk away. 

 I walk back inside the house and the boyfriends are all talking and laughing but chase is nowhere to be found, neither is Ethan. 

 I shrug it off before walking in the living room and they all turn to me. 

 "Arielle, are you okay? "
 Davis is the first to See Me and I smile at him. 

 "Yea, just a little cold. "
 I mutter before walking up the stairs. 
I walk inside the room and stare at the wall, remembering that kiss again. 
I really need to get my mind off this. 

 "Hey you. "
 Sasha walks in through the door and I gulp in before grabbing my bag. 

 "Isn't that Ian's jacket? "
 She raises her brows at the jacket that's folded in my hand and I look down at it before nodding. 

 "He gave it to me outside. Cold. "
 I mutter lowly and bow to her before moving to walk out when she calls me back. 

 "I need to talk to you about something. "
 She says and I raise my brows as she pulls me to sit on the bed. 

 "Ian and I are getting engaged soon. "
 Fuck. Why do they keep telling me about this? 
It's like they are just punishing me purposely. 

 "I know. He told me. "
 I utter and she smiles before looking at me. 

 "it's something I've always wanted cause I love Ian a lot. More than I can possibly describe and this happening right now means the world to me. "

 "I know. "
 I reply, keeping my head down. 

 "I know it isn't necessary but I need you to forget about Ian. "
I raise my head and she gives me a nod. 

 "I know you like Ian Arielle, I've seen the way you behave around him and the way you look at him. "
 She says and I bow down immediately. 
Did I made it so obvious that everyone already knows? 

 "And I'm not blaming you or trying to threaten you but you need to forget about him cause as much as I don't want to hurt you, I love Ian too much to give him up. "
 She says and I chuckle. 

 "I know, I wouldn't if I'm you. "
 I give her a small smile and she smiles in return. 
"But I can't promise I'll forget about him. I will eventually but I don't think it's happening anytime now. "
 I mutter and she sighs. 

 "Till when exactly? You can't keep on a three days crush Arielle. "
 A three days crush? 
I turn to her and she nods. 
 "That's what your heart is towards Ian. A three days crush and I suggest you bury it down cause it won't do you any good. 
It will only hurt you, so it's better to let go of something you can't have that holding on to it and hurting yourself in the process. "
 I gulp  in and nod before stretching the jacket to her. 

 "No, get that to him yourself and say goodbye forever. "
 She says and I look at her again before standing up. 
I bow to her and walk out of the room. 

 "You're leaving? "
 Calvin asks and I nod my head before bowing to the three. 

 "Thanks for coming here to check on me and I'm sorry I had to trouble you like I did. 
I will be leaving now. "
 I bow again and walk out of the house but Davis stops me. 

 "Are you alright? You don't look so good. "
 He says and I smile. 
He's always worrying about me. 

 "I'm fine. I just need to go home. "
 I smile and he nods before ruffling my hair like he always does. 

 "Take care of yourself. By the way, what were you doing in the swimming pool with Chase? 
 He also came in wet. "




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