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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

  Episode  47.


I can't believe myself right now. 
I'm here, sitting down without my mask and acting like a complete different person, just to take care of someone I claim that I hate. 

 "Do you? "
 I turn to her, raising my brows and she looks away from me and I chuckle. 

 She does. She really do like Ian. 
What a waste. She'll only hurt herself cause Ian is only for Sasha. 
Those two aren't separable, even her parents tried and failed. 

 "I don't know. "
 She says and I nod before staring back at the swimming pool. 

 "I think you do though. I've seen the way you looked at him. "
 I smile and she shakes her head, staring ahead at the sea. 

 "What's your name? "
 She asks and I gulp in. 

 "Um, Ethan. "
 I say and she smiles again before looking away. 

 "I thought you had to go to school and get your phone. "
 I say to her and she shakes her head. 

 "I will when they're done in the room and I don't feel like going to school anymore. I got bullied there anyways. "
 She sighs and splash the water with her leg. 

 "Do you want me to teach you how to swim? "
 I say and she shakes her head immediately. 

 "I'm really afraid of the water I'll drown. "
 She frowns and I chuckle. 
 "I will be here to keep you up. There's nothing to be afraid of, it's actually quite fun and you'll love it. "
 Fuck! What am I even doing right now? 
Am I trying to teach her something when I should be leaving? 

 "I don't know. "
 She shakes her head and I laugh before jumping inside the water. 

 I stretch my hand forward for her to come down but she shakes her head and I laugh before pulling her down while she screams. 

I quickly hold her up and wrap my arms round her waist and she looks up at me with her eyes wide. 

 I move closer to her to wrap my arms around her waist tighter and her body trembles under my touch. 

 "Are you okay? "
 I ask and she nods, looking at me. 

 I move forward a little, still holding tight her waist and she keeps her eyes on me. 

 I close the distance between us and look down at her lips. 
What am I doing? 
I don't even know but I just keep inching closer and touch my forehead to hers. 
She's breathing so hard and I try to steady my breathing. 

 "Ethan.. "
 She calls before biting down on her lower lip and that tempts me even more. 
 I try to keep the both of us above the water as I lean in, my eyes on her lips and the sound of her loud breathing fills my ear. 

 I look at her face before leaning down more and I slightly brush our lips against each other. 
I lick my lips as she closes her eyes and I lean in to kiss her but a voice stops me and I turn to see Ian staring at us. 

 "What are you doing? "
 He asks looking between the both of us and I breathe out before grabbing Arielle and placing her on the deck before getting out of the water. 

 My eyes meets with Ian and he raises his brows at me but I look away and walk away. 

 What the hell is wrong with me? 
Was I about to kiss her just now? 

 Fuck! I need to get back to my senses right now. 


 I shiver as I run my hands down my wet figure. 
What the hell was about to happen? 
What if he had kissed me? 

 I turn around when Ian sits beside me and the image of that kiss comes again, bringing tears to my eyes. 

 "Are you okay? "
 He asks and I nod, staring at the sea and moving away from him slightly. 

 He suddenly wraps his jacket around me and I shake my head. 

 "No, I don't want it, I'm okay. "

 "You're gonna freeze to death if you are like that.
It's not like I care but Sasha seems to like you. "
 He says and I gulp in before nodding as tears pricks the corner of my eyes and before I could stop it, a tear drops down my cheeks but I'm quick to wipe it off. 

 "Are you crying? "
 He asks and I shake my head. 
Why am I crying? I already know that but it just hurts when he says it like that. 

 "I didn't mean it like that. I was just teasing. You're a emotional girl even if you act tough. "
 He laughs and I look up at him.
It's the first time he's saying full words to me and laughing. 
I guess he feels better, now that she's back. 

 "Do you like him? "
 He asks and I raise my brows but realize he's talking about Ethan. 

 "No, I just met him. "
 I mutter. 

 "I caught you guys almost kissing. "
 He says and I bite down on my lower lip. 
Why is he talking about this right now? 

 "Ethan is just a friend I just met. "

 "Ethan,? Is that what he said to you? "
 He says and I raise my brows at him.
What does that mean?

 "Why? "

 "Nothing really. That's his name but I'm just surprised he told you. "
 He shrugs and I stare at him before looking away. 

 "I'm going to go get my phone. "
 I begin to sit up. 

 "I'm glad she came back. "
 He says, stopping my movement. 

 "I've been waiting and hoping that she would and now she's finally back. "
 He smiles and I gulp in. 

 "Congratulations. "
 I choke out and he turns to look at me but I look away. 

 "We're starting for a new beginning. 
We're getting engaged soon then we get married once we finish school. "
 He says and my heart skips a beat immediately. 

 Without thinking, tears rolls down my cheeks.



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