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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

         EPISODE  46.


 I gulp in as Davis help me sit on the chair as I blink rapidly to stop the tears from falling. 

 I look around and that's when Chase comes in with his hands in his pockets, his phone in his hand and of course his mask over his eyes. 
It feels like its been so long since I've seen him. 
Not like I care. 

 He walks towards us and he looks at me before looking away and looking around. 

 Why is he here? To see Sasha too? 

 "Why do you call me Davis? "
 He asks, keeping his eyes from his phone and Davis shrugs. 

 "Nothing, everything's fine. Wanted to tell you Arielle almost got hurt. "
 Davis says and I look at Chase who scoffs. 

 "So you called me because she almost got hurt? What exactly should I do about that? 
Rush to her and treat her? Do I look like a fucking nurse? "
 He hisses and I roll my eyes before staring down at my feet. 

 Of course. Why should he care anyways? 
I don't even want him to care.

 "Nothing you punk. She got injured because of your bitch. Don't you think you should do something about that? "
 Calvin says and I'm surprised he's speaking for me. 

 "Where is Ian? "
 Chase asks. 

 "Fucking with Sasha inside the room. "
 Calvin grins and chase shakes his head before sitting. 

 "Um, I'm gonna go get my phone."
 I mutter when I search for my phone but I can't find it. Including my bag too. 
I need to get back to school anyways. 

 "Who cares.. "
 Chase mutters, his eyes on his phone and I roll my eyes before walking up the stairs. 

 I was about to knock on the door when I heard voices from inside and I gently place my head on the door. 

 I know it isn't good but I just wanna know. 

 "You left me Sasha. How do you except me to think about that? "
 That's Ian's voice. I gulp in and bites down on my lower lip. 

 "It wasn't intentional, you know it wasn't and am I not back right now? I came back for you, I missed you so much. You have no idea. "
 That's Sasha's voice. 

 "I don't know Sasha. You're suddenly back and you want me to just accept you?! "
 That's Ian. 

  "You.. Don't want me? "
 Sasha voice breaks and I bite harder on my lip. 

 "I don't mean it like that, I was.. "

 "No, it's okay if you don't want me. I perfectly understand, you probably have someone else.. "
 She says lowly. 

 "No, fuck. Come here. "
 It's the first time I've ever seen him talk so much and I bite down on my tongue to keep the tears from falling. 

 "I didn't mean it like that. I missed you too, badly that it felt like I was dying but.. I don't want to make you uncomfortable. 
Are you sure you want us back? "
 "Yes, only you. I just want you to be mine and never for us to separate again. "
 A tear slides down my cheeks and I quickly wile it off before moving away from the door and I realize it's slightly open. 

 I peek in slowly and Sasha is against the wall with her fingers in Ian's hair and her legs wrapped round his waist. 
They moans as they both kiss and I walk away from the door slowly, still staring at the bare door. 

 I blink my eyes before walking down the stairs and the guys all turn to me. 

 "What's wrong? Is everything okay? "
 Calvin asks and chase raises his head from the phone, staring at me. 

 "Nothing, I just need some air. "
 I mutter before walking out of the room and walking to god knows where. 

  My heart bleeds with each step I take as I remember the scene I saw just now. 

 I walk out of the house and walk to the swimming pool as I dip my legs inside and sit at the deck. 

 I breathe out as I stare at the water. 
I feel like going inside the water for relaxation but goddammit! I don't even know how to swim. 

 What's wrong with you Arielle. Don't tell me you're beginning to like someone that already has someone he loves. 

 Sasha is a very pretty lady and she has a nice personality too plus Ian loves her. 
How can I think of even liking her boyfriend? 

 I sigh as I splash the water with my leg. 

 "Seems like someone is thinking.. "
 A voice says behind me and I turn back as my breathing hitches. 

 It's that guy. The guy I saw at Calvin's place. 
Damn! It looks like he has gotten even more hotter by the hour. 
I didn't even see him come in with the others. 
Where did he came from? 
 He sighs before sitting down beside me and it seems like he's putting on the same clothes as chase, just without the jacket. 

 I shrug it off. Maybe because they're family so they have the same clothes. 

 "Hey you. "
 I smile at him and he gives me a small smile back. 

 "What are you thinking about, just sitting here? "
 He asks and I shrug. 

 "Just stuffs. "
 I mutter and he nods his head as silence leaps in. 

 "Do you by any chance like Ian. "
 He suddenly says and my heart beats faster against my rib as I turn to him.




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