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  {😜Bad boy in love😜}

      EPISODE       51.


 I park my car and walk inside Calvin's penthouse. 
I start hearing some voices and I roll my eyes, knowing there's a girl in there. 

 I walk towards his room and the moans gets louder. 
I sigh before knocking on the door and they stop moaning. 

 "Calvin.. "
 I call before moving back a little. 
When there's nothing, I open the door and the girl quickly pull the duvet over her body and Calvin is dressing up. 

 "Fuck you. Couldn't you have stayed outside? "
 He groans and I roll my eyes before looking at the girl with brunette hair who blushes and smiles at me. 

 I look back at Calvin before walking out and he trails behind me. 

 "What do you want? "
 He growls and I scoff. Horny freak. 

 "Nothing, you punk. Give me the address of where Arielle is working. "
 I sigh and he narrows his eyes at me.
Here goes the questions. 

 "Why do you want the address of where she's working. "
 He asks and I sigh, rolling my eyes again. 

 "Stop asking me that and just give me the damn address. "
 I groan, getting frustrated. 

 "Do you guys have something going on? I've noticed you're always without your mask with her too. Are you fucking her? "
 He raises his brows and I hit his arm. 

 "Fucking? You're crazy. Does she looks like someone who can gets  fuck to you? Just gimme the address. "
 I roll my eyes and he sighs before taking my phone and typing the address in.

 "Thanks and oh, if she ever ask me about you. I mean me without the mask. Just tell her I'm Ethan. Not chase. Ethan, Chase cousin. "
 I say and he stares at me again. 

 "Are you sure you're okay chase? When did you start caring about this girl. I thought you hate her. "

 I scoff and roll my eyes. "I don't care about her. I just need to settle something with her. 
Now, stop asking and go back to your bitch. "
 I mutter before walking out of the house. 

 Care about her? I don't care about her. 
I just think about her sometimes. That doesn't mean I care about her, right? 

 I sigh and start the engine, heading towards the address Calvin gave me. 

 I drive along the silent street and that's when I see two figures running after each other and one with a bike. 
I shake my head and about to leave when light shines on the figure and it's Arielle. 

 What is she doing there? Why is she running after that guy? 

 Without thinking I stop the car immediately and jump out of the car before running after the guy. 
I caught up with him and he's holding a bad. 
This is Arielle's bag.
 Oh god! Did he do something to her? 

 "Who the hell are you? "
 He shouts. 

 Thinking about this guy touching her made me so furious and without thinking, my fist collides with his cheek and he staggers backwards. 

 "How dare you touch her?! "
 I yell and tackle him to the ground, punching him over and over again while blood spurts out of his mouth but I don't care about that at the moment. 
 The thought that he touched her drives me fucking insane... More than it really should and I can swear that I will kill this stupid guy who dares lay his filthy hands on my Arielle.



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