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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

   Episode     49.


 "What do you mean chase?"
 Chase wasn't with me at the swimming pool. 
Ethan was so what's he talking about. 

 "Uh? "
 he raises his brows and I narrow my eyes at him. 

 "You said chase was with me at the swimming pool but he wasn't with me. Ethan was. "

 "Ethan? "

 "Yea, Ethan. The guy who took care of me at Calvin's. Chase's cousin. "
 I mutter. 

 "Chase cousin? "
 He raises his brows and I nod. 
Why is he acting like he doesn't know who I'm talking about. 
He knows him. 

 "Oh Yea, right. Ethan, chase cousin. Sorry I forget for a moment. "
 He smiles and I nod before looking away from him. 

 "Where are you headed to now? Back to school? "
 He asks and I shake my head. 

 "Sport will already be almost over so there's no need in going back to  school. I will just head home. "
 I bow to him and he nods, ruffling my head like he always does. 
 I smile before doing my hair and i walk away from him. 
I take the long walk away from the building and I thought about everything sasha said. 

 Three days crush? Forget about Ian? 
That's right. I should probably forget about him. He's getting engaged to her anyways.  

 I sigh and rub my hands down my arms. 
Why is life so hard and complicated? 

 My phone vibrates and o take it out. A call from sister. She should be at work right now, I've miss her so much . I haven't seen her since yesterday thanks to Calvin. 

 📱 Sister.. I smile into the phone and there's movement in the background and noise. 
She must still be at the hospital. 

  📱 Hey, are you home yet? 
 She asks and I look round the quiet road.. There's no single person here. 

 📱 Yea, I'm already headed towards home. 
I should be soon, are you coming home soon also? 
 I ask and that's when I remember my bike. 

 Fuck! My bike is still in school. 
This is so much frustrating. 

 📱 No, I will be home late today but don't stay up for me like you did that day. Just go to sleep  
She says and I groan. 

 📱 fine, I will. Just the care of yourself. 
She chuckles into the phone and say goodbye.

 I proceed to walk back to school, I can't just leave my bike there. 
What if it gets stolen? 

 Who would want to steal your bike ?
My sneaky subconscious butts in but I ignore it. 

 I have to get the bike.



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