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Season 3

Episode 48

(What there to say)

Debby and Andrew decided to stay despite of being shut outside. They waited for them to change their mind about the situation.    

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, their faces lighted up when they heard a click. Someone had finally opened the door for them.    

Bess and Abbott weren't home in the mansion so it was Mark who greeted them. He said to them, "Come in." When they have entered, Mark led them to his study.  

Inside Mark's study, there was a sofa. He gestured to the sofa, "Have a seat." Debby and Andrew looked at each as they sat down. Mark took a seat also at his chair by desk, "So how's the plan going? Did Emily already drink it?" Mark's voice was cold as he narrowed his eyes at Debby and Andrew.    

The couple felt chills down their spine at his piercing gaze. Their eyes searched for answers at each other. Andrew gulped and spoke up, "It didn't work out. Emily found out about it, so what do we do now?"    

Mark banged his hands on the desk, causing the couple to flinch, "You idiots! You never do anything right!" 

His face was turning pale. He glared at them with wide eyes, "Do you want to know what you should do? Think of another plan!"  

Fear was imminent in their faces, especially Debbie's. She tried to speak up, "B-but we can't! Emily has already found out about this! If Jacob comes back, he won't let us get away with it!" Debby was obviously concerned about their situation.    

Mark sneered at her, "And so? What do you think you should do? Do I even need to answer such a stupid question? Simple. None of my business."    

"How could you say that?" Debby tried to hold back her tears as she barked, "What do you mean it's none of your business? You asked us to poison Emily. When we were found out by her, you're suddenly leaving us hanging? How could you? How could you do this to us? You monster!"  

"Oh? Did I really make you do that?" Mark raised an eyebrow and laughed sarcastically, "You did it on your own accord, all for the 50 million in my hand."    

Debby wasn't going to have any of it. She pointed a finger at Mark, "We didn't get any money at all! You only gave us one million!"    

"But you failed to affect Emily with the drugs I gave you, right?" Mark said.    

"You..." Debby and Andrew were both speechless.  

Knowing that they had failed to hurt Emily, Mark lost his interest towards them. He furrowed his brows in impatience. He clasped both of his hands and leaned on his chair, "Once you have fulfilled your promise, you will get the money from me. Otherwise, you will not get a single penny from me. And oh, before you finish the job, you won't be able to receive the cash from the bank."    

Andrew widened his eyes angrily. He felt as if a bucket of ice cold water was poured on him. He shouted at Mark, "You liar!"    

The couple realized that they were being lied to. Not only they were being ignored by Tina, Emily has completely shunned them out. They also didn't receive the money Mark had promised. They weren't welcomed by anyone any more and they were completely left by themselves.  

Unsatisfied, Andrew balled his hands into a fist and tried to punch Mark. "You bastard!" Mark successfully dodged his attack.    

"Guards!" Mark called out. The couple was dragged out by Tao clan's guards. They felt like they were street dogs that being kicked out.    

Being driven out of the house, Debby and Andrew were becoming more angry as they thought of it deeper. They could never go back to Emily's apartment anymore. If Jacob came back and found out about it, he would make sure they would be punished. As for Tina, their own daughter, would never take them in!  

'How did it turn out like this?'    

They thought that everything was going according to plan! They already had the best directions. How did this happen?    

They couldn't think of anything else. Of course, they would never admit their mistakes. In their eyes, it was always the fault of others.    

The more Andrew thought of it, the more he couldn't let the issue go. They didn't have any way out now!  

He finally lashed out at Debby, "This is all your fault! If you hadn't exposed Tina's status. None of these would have happened! We could have maintained our relationship with Emily, as her parents. We could have become Jacob's parents-in-law!"    

He couldn't help thinking about how good their life was. Even if Jacob didn't treat them so well, he always showed respect for them in front of Emily. Moreover, they were living comfortably and they used to enjoy the best things in life!    

However, because of Debby's greed, their good life was taken away from them. She shouldn't gotten with their biological daughter, Tina. Tina never saw them as her parents. She was a complete opposite of their adopted daughter, Emily.  

Debby remembered how she enjoyed all the lavish things in her life and regretted what she had done. But she remained stubborn, "Why am I the only one to blame? You should look at yourself! It was you who agreed with the 50 million deal with Mark!"    

Andrew was furious, "So what? You also agreed to it! If you disagree, why didn't you stop me? Both of us has a fault here. Understood?"    

Debby huffed, "Did you actually think I can stop you? You always bury yourself with money. You never listen to my words and you just do everything your own way!"  

The couple had a big argument outside the mansion. Their faces were red. Veins were popping onto their neck as they kept pushing the responsibility to the other.    

After a little while, Andrew was tired of arguing and shouted at Debby, "Enough! No more fighting. I call for a truce. Instead of wasting time, we should think of another plan. What do you think we should do next?"    

Debby agreed to the truce so she spoke up in a calmer tone, "Hmmm... I don't know. You tell me. 
What else can we do? Why don't we ask Tina for options?" Debby felt so helpless in their situation.  

Andrew rolled his eyes and scolded his wife, "Why should we find her? 

Tina doesn't care about us! Do you think she will give a damn if we die? 

No! I should never have believed you in the first place!" If Debby didn't brainwash him about Tina, it would have been impossible for him to do something like this with her.    

"If we don't give it a try, how will we know?" Debby tried to persuade Andrew. She was putting her confidence in Tina, "We are her real parents, which means we share the same blood. We should go find her and tell that we have broken up with Emily completely..."  

"Are you sure about that?" Andrew interrupter her, looking skeptic.    

"Do you remember that she hates Emily the most? We are Emily's foster parents. That's why she hates us. If we have told her that we have broken up with Emily now, it will work because the enemy of an enemy is a friend..." Debby said simply.    

Andrew was still unconvinced. Doubt was present in his voice, "Although it sounds logical, will it really work for Tina?"    

Tina was selfish and self-centered. She never cared for her family, may it be biological parents or the members of the Tao clan. She never cared about others. The only one she loved and concerned was herself.  

Debby chewed her lower lip, unsure. Nevertheless, she kept persuading her husband, "We should still give it a try. You never know."    

Andrew asked, rolling his eyes, "Oh yeah? What if your plan doesn't work?"    

Debby shrugged, "Well, if it doesn't work, we can come back to Emily. 

We will ask for her forgiveness before Jacob comes back. I know her well. She's too soft-hearted. If we keep begging, she'll eventually forgive us.  

If she does, we will be able to poison her and get that 50 million from Mark!" She nodded surely. 

Andrew was still thinking of the money. It was obvious enough where this conversation was going.    
His wife didn't say anything.    

While they were discussing, they formulated their plan again. It took them a while before they enter the Tao Clan's residence.    

Tina felt she was in pure bliss. After all, this was the effect of the drug she had been taking.    

She suddenly felt the urge to hunt. She found a gun in room, which was given by Mark as a gift, and headed to the garden to shoot some rabbits.  


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