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Season 3

Episode 44

(You Not Worthy Of My Trust)

The next morning, Debby and Andrew came to visit Emily in her apartment. They knocked on her door as if nothing had ever happened. 

Ideally, they would have laid low for a few days, but Mark pressured them so much with fear and greed that they had to come for Emily again.    

To their surprise, Emily opened the door this time without hesitation, even though she shot them an unfriendly glance, and said, "Dad, Mom, what are you doing here?"  

"Emily, I'm glad to see you. We're sorry and we hope you don't blame us for what happened before. I've brought you some breakfast. Go ahead and eat it, before it gets cold,"  said Debby.    

Puzzled, Emily looked at the warm breakfast in Debby's hand and said, "Sure. Just leave it there. Thanks."    

The couple were expecting a different kind of response from Emily, so they studied the dark beads of her eyes, doubtfully suspecting whether Emily knew what happened last night in the hospital.    

'Surely Jack would have told her everything.  

But it seems like she had no idea whatsoever!' Debby and Andrew thought.    

Debby said tentatively, "Emily, when you were at the hospital last night, your father and I went to see you, but Jack went berserk and kicked us out... Did he tell you anything about that?"    

"No,"  answered Emily. Emily hoped that Debby would willingly explain what had happened, and as long as her explanation was coherent and reasonable, she would believe them over Jack. "What's wrong? What happened?" she asked.    

Emily's uncertainty relieved Debby's worries. Unperturbed, Debby confidently continued weaving her lies, "No, we just had an argument because Jack wasn't letting us see you. In the end we decided to avoid making a scene at the hospital and left."  

Debby's eyes widened with feigned concern as she said, "Emily, you need to be more mindful of your health in the future..."    

Strangely enough, Debby's words raced a shiver through her instead of making her feel better. Anxious, trickles of sweat ran down the back of her neck.    

"Got it. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get some rest, please,"  said Emily. Impatient, Emily interrupted Debby before she could finish and shooed them away.  

However, Debby stood her ground and said, "We will leave once you finish eating your breakfast. I want to make sure that you're not neglecting yourself."    

Suddenly, Emily narrowed her gaze and glared at the bag of food, unblinking. She wondered why they insisted on watching her eat her breakfast. 'Is there something in the breakfast?' Emily wondered, vigilantly.    

Emily picked up a steamed bun cautiously and ate it. So far, there wasn't any reaction from her parents. When she picked up the hot soybean milk, suddenly their gaze sharpened as they seemed more eager than before.  

"I will finish the rest later. Please, go back now,"  said Emily. Emily looked at the soybean milk, and then took a small sip pretending to be nonchalant.    

The couple stared at Emily closely and finally came to ease after seeing Emily take a sip of the soybean milk. "Emily, we need to go now. If you need anything, just remember to call me or your father..." said Debby.    

"Hmm,"  answered Emily. Then she stood up and walked them out the door, before shutting the door behind her back.    

Without wasting another second, she rushed to the trash bin and spit out the soybean milk. Emily faked drinking the soybean milk in front of her parents to trick them. In truth, she never swallowed the milk.  

After spitting every last bit of it out, she washed her hand and stuck her finger down her throat to force herself to puke out any possible residue.    

After she regurgitated some acid content from her stomach, Emily rinsed her mouth. With a sickly white expression on her face, she looked at the rest of the soybean milk in horror and said, "How is it possible..."    

Emily was in denial. She eagerly hoped that Jack was lying to her... 

 Before long, Emily took the rest of the soybean milk to the hospital to get it tested. She dreaded every second she had to wait for the results, but when it was time to face the music, she began to feel nauseous.    

Emily was afraid of being proven wrong by the result...    

"Miss Bai, the soybean milk was a concoction of several addictive drugs. As for the type of drugs, we need more time to make some comprehensive tests..." The chemist's voice rang in Emily's ears, but she couldn't hear anything as if deafened by shock and disbelief.    

Dumbfounded, Emily clutched the test results in her hand, frozen like a statue on the bench. Benumbed, her instincts had blocked the rest of the world out from her senses.  

Her parents really wanted to poison her with the soybean milk...    

That meant, Jack wasn't lying...    

"Why, why...." Emily mumbles, her breath coming in hitching gasps. 

'Why would they do this to me?    We've lived together as a family for so many years. Have they never felt an ounce of love for me?' Emily's heart cried. Emily disregarded that fact that Debby and Andrew, loved Tina over her. She considered them to be her biological parents because they are the ones who had raised her as one of their own.  

But what was Emily to them?    

A dispensable, repugnant dog they didn't even bother to discard? Did they have the right to treat her like a dog and take her for granted, just because they had raised her?    

'What did I ever do to deserve such a fate?' Emily asked in her mind.    

It seemed like the strangest dream. Blackness swam around the corners of her eyes, dimming away the lights of hope.    

"Did you get the results already?" 

Someone sat next to Emily and brushed her hair as if to comfort her.  

With a deep breath, Emily looked up to see Jack's gentle face. The sight of his face, angered her immediately. "It's none of your business. Stay away from me,"  she answered.    

Seeing her in such a pitiful state, drove a wrench through Jack's heart. He wanted to hold her in his arms and wipe away all the sadness from her eyes, but instead he just clenched his fists and said, "Looks like you've found out about what happened. I told you that I would never hurt you."    

Emily blinked repeatedly, forcing herself to hold her tears at bay. "You must be really happy, right? You were right all along! Everything you said was right and now I have no one else in this world I can trust anymore. What else do you want to take from me?" she said.  

"I don't want to take anything from you. I just don't want you to get hurt,"  he replied. Jack looked at her affectionately and continued, "Emily, please try to trust me one more time, okay?"    

Jack's eyes were like a perfect spring sky, clear and never-ending, as if they could take away all her grief and sadness with just one glance.    

"No,"  she refused. Emily shook her head slowly and moved away from Jack. "You are not worthy of my trust. No one is worthy of my trust,"  she said, assertively.  

'Except Jacob.    

But that's no longer an option, ' Emily contemplated. Not too long ago, Emily had reluctantly broken up with Jacob, and she hadn't heard from him since then. Perhaps that was the end of their relationship...    
There was no one to accompany Emily anymore. Not even the wind as it howled and screeched past, leaving her to grieve alone.    

"You are thinking of him, right?" asked Jack. Suddenly, he leaned closer to her...  

Emily pushed him away immediately and stood up. "So what if I am? I never wanted to break up with him. You gave me no choice!" she said.


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