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Season 3

Episode 43

(As crazy as you)

Jack slowly took his foot off of Andrew's hands, reluctantly, while he gritted his teeth in disbelief and anger. His glare sucked the life out of Debby. Almost spitting in disgust, he said to her, "Father? Do you think this man deserves to be anyone's father?    

Do you think any child deserves to have parents like you?"    

This wasn't the first time someone had asked Debby and Andrew this question, but as shameless as they were, the couple never took such comments seriously enough to reflect on it. They arrogantly assumed that they were great parents. After all, they provided Emily with a home and proper education. Was that not enough? 

 Blinded by their ignorance, they prided themselves in being great parents to Emily! Though their conjecture was far from the reaches of truth and reality. The fact that they wanted to cut ties with Emily, was incredibly ironic, because it was Emily who should have cut ties with them a long time ago. She did not deserve such preposterous parents!    

The doctor rushed into the ward, as soon as he heard the bell ring. 

"What's wrong? Is there something wrong with the patient?" he asked and looked at Jack with concern.  

"She was injected with some kind of unknown liquid!" answered Jack. 

Jack took his eyes off Andrew and rushed towards Emily. He picked up the perfusion tube from the floor and pointed it to the doctor, "I'm not sure whether the liquid has been pumped into her system or not, but there might be some residue in this tube. Please have it checked now!"    
The doctor took the tube and arranged for a full physical examination for Emily at once.    

Meanwhile, Debby and Andrew took this opportunity to abscond with the needle and disappear from the crime scene.  

Concerned for Emily's safety, Jack decided not to go after them, and stay back just to make sure that Emily was not in danger. Catching the Bai perpetrators wasn't his priority, Emily was... As for Debby and Andrew, Jack decided to tell Emily the whole truth once she had regained consciousness.    

After a few dreadful hours, the doctor approached Jack with Emily's test results.    

"Good news! There is nothing wrong with the patient. Maybe it's because you pulled out the tube just in time, so the toxic liquid was not successfully injected into her bloodstream. We tested the residue we found in the tube, and it showed traces of highly addictive drugs that may have been fatal due to the patient's already weakened state,"  the doctor laid it all out to Jack.  

Jack was relieved to hear that Emily was not in any danger, but he was baffled by the doctors reports. His eyes were wide and skittish, as he looked at the doctor and said, "Got it. Thank you and please keep monitoring her status."    

Why did Mr. and Mrs. Bai want to inject drugs into Emily's body?    

As someone who was obsessed with Emily, Jack routinely kept tabs on her and he was well aware of what had happened between Emily and Tina. As a result, without thinking too much, Jack had solved the mystery behind their treachery. 

 'Could it be that Mr. and Mrs. Bai was trying to get revenge for their biological daughter Tina or perhaps they were talked into doing it by Mark?' Jack wondered.    

Nonetheless, the truth was that Emily's foster parents were trying to hurt her, and if it hadn't been for Jack, they might have succeeded in their deplorable plans!    

Even by Jack's standards, he had never seen anyone more vicious and heartless as Emily's parents. 

They may not have been Emily's birth parents, but they had raised her as their own daughter for so many years. How could they do that to one of their own?  

Jack shook his head in disappointment, as he felt pity for Emily...    

"What are you doing here?" 

Suddenly, Emily had woken up. She struggled to sit up on the bed, but the sight of Jack standing by the door disgusted her so much, she wished she hadn't woken up at all.    
Jack ignored the revulsion on Emily's face. He slowly walked over to her and said, "Emily, you were coming up with a fever after you fainted, so I brought you to the hospital. How do you feel now? Are you okay?"    

"I would feel a lot better if you weren't here,"  she answered. Muddled, Emily did not have the strength to argue with Jack. She turned away from him and a breath of despair escaped her lips.    

Jack sighed, and then pursed his lips in disappointment. "Emily, I don't care whether you hate me or not, but I need to tell you something very important,"  he said.    

Emily lay on her side and did not respond to Jack at all.    

Jack did not force her to turn back, instead he sat down behind her back. His eyes were wide and skittish, and his voice sounded hesitant as he said, "Your foster parents was here not too long ago. Do you know what they were trying to do while I was away?"  

Emily lay there motionlessly, indifferent to his words, as if he wasn't even there.    

"They tried to inject drugs into your bloodstream,"  said Jack.    

"Bullshit!" Emily yelled. Finally, she couldn't help turning around and responding to him. She looked him dead in the eye and said, "Jack your lying skills aren't as impeccable as they used to be. You seem to have gotten rusty. If you want to fool me, you'll have to do better than that!"    

"I am not lying! If you do not trust me, you can ask the doctor,"  he said.  

"Oh wow, you've also managed to bring the doctor in on your lie. Now that's what I call and elaborate ruse,"  Emily answered.    

Jack sighed in resignation, feeling hopeless and frustrated. How was he to convince Emily, if she did not want to believe a word of what he was saying?    

"I saw it with my own eyes. Your father had the syringe in his hand and he stood right next to you attempting to inject something into the perfusion tube. I know this is a little hard to believe, but for whatever reason, they came in with every intention of hurting you!" Jack exclaimed.    

"Jack, they are my foster parents. Do you think that everyone is as crazy as you?" Emily asked, mocking him with her question.  

"I am crazy?" Jack scoffed and looked at her in disbelief. Jack felt like her words were going to squeeze the life out of him. 

Frustrated, he screamed at Emily, "I never wanted us to end up like this! I never wanted to hurt you!"    

"Yeah right! You never wanted to hurt me! So have you forgotten about all the horrible shit you've put me through? I will never forget what you've done to me!" Emily retorted. 

With a sarcastic smirk on her face, she sneered, "The pain you've caused me will never be erased, even though you've saved my life more than once. So I suggest you stop wasting your time on me. Thank you!"  

"You really hate me that much, huh?" asked Jack.    

"Yes! I hate you with every fibre of my being and I earnestly pray that you never show your face to me again!" she asserted. Every time Emily saw Jack's face, she would think of what he had done to her that night, even though she had not recollection of it at all. The mere thought was humiliating enough for her to hate him.    

"Fine. I'll go and leave you be,"  Jack said in a low voice, as he hung his head with disappointment. Before leaving, he reminded her, "Be careful of your foster parents. You can't trust them!  

 All right then, see you later."    

"I hope not,"  Emily answered.    

Jack furrowed his eye-brows and twisted his lips, hinting at his deep despondency. Jack didn't make any promises, because he knew he had no intentions of keeping. After all, he loved her so much, so how was he to tolerate not seeing her again?    
Jack walked out of the ward, but stayed close by, vigilant and alarmed. Once he left, Emily, casually asked the nurse who had come to check up on her, "Miss, did you see my parents? They are a couple in their forties."  

Although, the nurse didn't see Emily's parents, she had heard about what happened from her colleagues. However, gossiping in the workplace was strictly prohibited, so she only told Emily what she thought was safe to disclose.    

"Yes, I heard that they were in a heated conversation with Mr. Jack,"  said the nurse.    

"Really? They were here? Why did they quarrel with Mr. Jack?" she asked.   

Puzzled, Emily steadied her breathing, trying to clear her mind. 

Her gut was telling her not to believe what Jack had said.    

'They are my real parents. They've been there for me ever since I was a child. I may not be their biological daughter, but they would not hurt me. Right?' Emily thought. She was bothered by the uncertainty of her thoughts.  

"I'm not really sure what happened, but the other nurses said that the doctor had found something bad in your perfusion tube, which may have led to the quarrel between Mr. Jack and your parents. You can ask your attending doctor about this. He is in charge of your care,"  said the nurse.    

Soon after, Emily went to the doctor's office, but she wasn't able to see him even though she waited for him there for a long time. She decided to return home with her medication, but she couldn't stop thinking about what Jack had said to her.  

'Jack must be lying to me again! I shouldn't trust a single word that comes out of his mouth! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Never again, Jack!' Emily said to herself.

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