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Season 3

Episode 40

(Are you a masochist)

Abbott and Bess were discontented with Emily, mainly because of Tina. 

They blamed Emily for all of Tina's misfortunes.    

If it weren't for Emily, would Tina have gotten addicted to drugs? 

Both Abbott and Bess attributed Tina's drug addiction to Emily.    

By now, the entire Tao Family chose to forget that it was Tina who had harmed Emily in the first place. All they remembered was the fact that Tina, their foster daughter, whom they doted on from her infancy, was suffering in constant agony.  

Master Tao, however, did not give up on the idea of bringing Emily back to Tao Family. After all, Emily was his real granddaughter. How could they let Emily live apart from her real family?    

Under pressure from Master Tao, Abbott and Bess had to find an appropriate time to bring Emily back. Considering the sensitive condition Tina was in now, Abbott and Bess dared not to bring up Emily's name at the table. As a consequence, Emily's anticipated return to the Tao family was delayed.    

At the Tao Villa.    

Draped over the window, a pair of curtains stretched their full length and cast the room into blackness. Great depression loomed in the big room like a tortured wraith, suffocating the life out its occupant.  

The drapes rustled as they got pulled open suddenly. Instantly, the sunlight streamed in like a flamboyant guest, not waiting for an invitation, unknowingly giving birth to a shrill voice that tore the silence apart like thin paper.    

"Ah! Don't draw the curtains! Put them back! Mark!" Tina cried out.    

"Okay! Okay! I will put them back,"  Mark answered. Mark instantly drew the curtains back returning the room to its former gloomy state. 

"Calm down,"  he comforted Tina.  

Tina took a deep breath and finally calmed her nerves. "You know I don't like sunlight!" she said.    

Tina was like a mushroom growing in a dark corner, smelling somber from top to bottom. She shied away from the sunlight so that she could hide the scars on her face.    

The darkness in that way was her sanctuary, a place where she could find comfort in solitude.    

"Okay! There's no more light,"  Mark comforted Tina and walked towards her in the dark.    

Tina slowly got up and asked, "Did you get what I asked you to bring?"  

Mark froze and a flash of anxiety appeared in his eyes. "Tina, you'd better not take it,"  he said.    

"I don't want to hear this again,"  Tina complained. Tina looked up at the tall figure in front of her and said, "You promised that you would give me anything I wanted."    

Mark remained silent. He knew just how addictive the drug was. He also knew that the more drugs Tina took, the further she drifted away from recovery.    

"Well,"  Tina said, as she looked at him with expectation, and then she giggled. Her voice was not as vibrant and pleasant as before. The excessive drug use had taken its toll on her voice, as it became hoarse and raspy over time. "I know what you want,"  she added.  

As soon as she finished her words, she threw herself into Mark's arms and stood on tiptoe to kiss him.    

Unexpectedly, Mark turned his face away to avoid her kiss. "No, Tina! Don't!" he screamed.    

Every time Tina came on to him, it was like a sweet torture for Mark. It was hard for him to refuse her advances, but he didn't want Tina lost her dignity because of her drug addiction.    

Mark believed that even though she had succumbed to darkness and depravity, she should be supercilious and conceited.  

"Why! Why not, Mark? Why don't you want this?" asked Tina. Tina grabbed his tie and yanked him close, forcing him to lower his head against hers. Tina asked, "Well? Do you find me so repulsive that you don't even want my kiss anymore?"    
"It's not..." Mark grumbled.    

"It is! You think I'm ugly, don't you? You can't stand me anymore! Get out! Get out of my room! I don't want to see your face... hmm..."    

Before Tina could finish, his lips sealed her mouth with a kiss. He sucked her venomous tongue, and swallowed every poisonous, hurtful words she could form in her mouth.  

Tina didn't have the strength to push him away, so instead she delivered an open-handed smack to his chiseled face. "Pah!"    

Mark staggered back, clutching his stinging face. He kept still, like a statue, and the air around them froze momentarily.    

With an icy, cold voice, Tina mocked him, "Mark, are you a masochist? 

You turned me down when I came on to you. And now you are happy even though I just slapped you."    

After a few seconds of silence, Mark turned his face to her and said, "Yeah!"  

'No matter what you give me, honey or poison, I will happily accept it all, ' Mark thought.    

Baffled, Tina froze in an instant. The convoluted emotions she carried in her eyes, were gradually replaced by desire.    

"... I know. I know that you like me, right?" Tina said.    

Suddenly, she softened her voice, just like she did when she begged him in her childhood days.    

Mark knew what she was doing. Whenever Tina wanted drugs, she would resort to using her soft voice to get what she wanted, and it worked every time. Mark just couldn't resist its charms.  

"Brother, you will give me anything, right? Just like you used to,"  Tina said, as she slowly hugged him and rested her little face against his firm chest, and continued, "Can we go back to the old days? The days when there was only you and me, when you only had me and I only had you..."    

As long as Tina hit the right notes, Mark failed to resist her requests. Once again, he was deeply bewitched by her, like a seductive siren luring unwary sailors on to rocks.    

Mark slowly took out a box from his pocket and whispered, "Here! The injection is too harmful to the body. This can be taken orally."  

Tina snatched the box away from his hand, laughing happily, like a child with a lollipop and pranced away from him.    

Mark watched with disappointment, afraid that she would trip over in the dark, so he turned on a night light just enough to cast a thin light, dim enough to gain Tina's acceptance.    
Holding the box in her hand, Tina spread herself on soft sofa, and popped a pill in her mouth and tried to swallow it down without water.    

"Have some water,"  Mark said, as he handed a glass of water to her.    

Tina took the glass from his hands and then paused for a second. 

Without any word, she threw the glass at Mark.  

Although, Mark tried to move away, the glass hit him square in the forehead. Blood gushed out from a deep cut where the glass had made contact, and he frowned. Before he knew it, Tina was throwing tantrums.    

"Do you think you can fool me with some kind of treatment medicine for addiction? Mark, how stupid do you think I am? Damn it! I don't want this! Give me the real thing!" Tina demanded.    

Dizzied, Mark's thoughts came slowly. Benumbed, he didn't respond to Tina, as he slowly pulled out some paper towels and covered his wound.  

Like a creature of malice, Tina went crazy, shaking in fury, as she planted her long nails into his flesh. 

She screamed like no animal could scream, "Mark, did you hear me? 

Why did you lie to me? You really thought that you could fool me with this?    

Are you out of your goddamn mind? You didn't keep your promise! Give it to me now! Mark!    

Will you give me it or not? Say something! Are you dumb? Ah!"    

Mark wiped his wounded face and flicked the bloodied paper towel across the room. He still did not respond to Tina.  

Tina's eyes gleamed a hideous, luminescent crimson, full of hatred. 

The frenzy departed, leaving behind only fury, and the glitter of her sleeping intelligence, now awakened. "Well, so you're not going to give it to me, are you? You think you're the only one I can get it from? How naive! I am Tina Tao. I don't have to rely on you. Since you won't give it to me, I will find anybody else,"  she said.    

Patience was a luxury Tina could no longer afford.    

Mark stretched out his long arms and pulled her right back into his arms from behind. He begged, "Don't! Please, don't go!"    

"Let go of me! You can't stop me!" Tina yelled, as she MDOT struggling from Mark's grasp.  

"I said no!" Mark shouted, as his tone became aggressive all of a sudden. He hugged Tina tightly and said, "I'll give it to you."    

As soon as she heard that, Tina stopped struggling, but in less than a second, she went crazy again. "If you lie to me again..." she threatened.    

"I won't,"  Mark answered, as he sighed a breath of resignation. 

Once again he chose to compromise with the only woman he could never turn down in the entire world.  


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