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Season 4

Episode 50

(Young Master Su’s Declaration of War (2)

"Good job, dude, you managed to hire Dennis Wu. I give you 99/100 for showing off. The 1 point deduction is so that you won't be too proud of yourself," Gao Ran teased via WeChat.


"How's it going over there?" Qin Chu asked after a few seconds.

"Everything's going smoothly, but don't you know the results already?" Gao Ran thought that Qin Chu's question was moot.

"I meant, how is Mian doing over there?" Qin Chu asked again.

"Oh, your wife? She's scared half to death and is on the brink of a mental breakdown. The opposing lawyer interrogated until she cried, I feel really bad for her."

"I'll give you one last chance to tell me the truth…" Qin Chu knew that there was no way that that was happening, and Gao Ran's words could not be faker.

"Haha, fine, I'll tell you, your wife is doing really well. She didn't even know who Dennis Wu is and called him 'Uncle'."

Qin Chu saw Gao Ran's reply and imagined Huo Mian's face; his lips curled up into a smile…

"When are you coming over?"

"In a bit."

After replying with that, Qin Chu went back to work. When it was almost time for the court to reconvene, Huo Siqian walked over a smile. "I believe in you, Little Sister."

Huo Mian ignored what he said and walked right past him…

Not far from them, Su Yu sat there quietly; Wei Liao handed him a bottle of water.

"Let's head out now, the results are obvious and predictable."

"What's the hurry, let's wait until it's over." Su Yu could foresee the results but wasn't in a rush to leave.

He suddenly wanted to stay with her until the very end; he didn't want her to be here all alone.

He didn't care that Mian may not even want him to stay. Su Yu was surprised – when did he become the 'knight in shining armor' kind of guy? He barely even recognized himself.

After a 15 minute break, court reconvened.

"Now, I would like to announce the results." The judge put on his glasses and slowly stood up, holding the documents he was about to read in his hands.

Everyone held their breath as they waited for the verdict. This was the Provincial Procuratorate, so the verdict was extremely authoritative.

If either client was unhappy with it, they had to appeal at the capital city, Jing City's Highest People's Procuratorate, because other local courts did not have the authority to rehear the case.

"After both parties submitted proof and defended their case, the jury has decided that, in the case of Mr. Zhou Guangming versus Ms. Huo Mian, Ms. Huo Mian's retaliation is justifiable as self-defense, and therefore does not constitute as intentional assault."

"F*cking justifiable self-defense? Look at what she did to me, isn't that an understatement?" Zhou Guangming immediately blew up.

He even cursed at the judge, and Zhang Shaochang immediately stopped him at once. "Mr. Zhou, calm down."

"How can I stay calm? If that woman is released without charges, then I would have gone through all that sh*t for nothing!" Zhou Guangming was obviously unhappy about the verdict.

"If you are dissatisfied by the court's verdict, you can appeal at Jing City's Highest People's Procuratorate," the judge said after glancing at Zhou Guangming.

"Screw you, what kind of [email protected] verdict is this, are you all dumbasses?" Zhou Guangming spat uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, Your Honor, my client seems to be a little agitated, please forgive him." Zhang Shaochang tried to make peace with the judge.

It was obvious that the Zhous were swearing and cursing because they didn't hear a verdict they were satisfied with.

Just as everyone thought that this was the end of the lawsuit, Dennis Wu raised his hand and said with a serious expression, "Your Honor, we're not done yet. Although the lawsuit of Zhou Guangming against my client is over, we would now like to counterclaim Mr. Zhou Guangming for framing my client, defaming her reputation, the illegal holding of her and Ms. Zhu Lingling, attempted rape as well as other charges. If the court could please accept and hear this case all at once."

The entire courtroom was in an uproar after Dennis Wu finished his sentence…





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