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Season 4

Episode 97

(Sudden Change Within One Night (7)

Qin Chu pondered for a moment and continued, “You can have a day to think this over, Dad. If you respect my decision, then I will continue to work at GK. However, if you question my abilities and believe that I am too impulsive and reckless, then starting tomorrow, I will no longer work at GK. I very much appreciate the opportunity you have given me, take care.”

Qin Chu turned on his heel and walked out as he finished speaking. Qin Yumin fell back to his office chair in defeat…

“You have an important meeting soon, Sir,” Yang said anxiously when he saw Qin Chu walking out.

“Having the chairman is enough.” Qin Chu threw in his words lightly and left the corporation.

Huo Mian was in the midst of cleaning when Qin Chu arrived home…

She wore a cartoon apron and was in the middle of mopping the floors. Having a big condo was great and all, but cleaning it sure took a long time.

She had been cleaning for a while but still hadn’t finished the first floor. However, it was her house after all, so everything she was doing was enjoyable.

As she mopped, she hummed the theme song of Bonnie Bear without a care in the world.

She looked up as soon as Qin Chu walked in the door, “You’re home early! I thought you would be working until midnight again.”

“Why are you doing all this?” Qin Chu walked over in a couple of steps and grabbed the mop from Huo Mian’s hands.

“It’s not like I had anything else to do. We haven’t been home in a couple of days and the house was getting dusty. We are germophobic, haha, we can’t allow for any messes!” She chuckled.

“You shouldn’t be cleaning, you’re on your period. I can hire a cleaner for this.” Qin Chu’s heart ached.

“Oh c’mon, Mr. Qin, I’m not a princess! It’s a period, not pregnancy. These are not tough chores, it’s not a big deal.”

“Even so, be a good girl.” Qin Chu held onto Huo Mian’s hand and led her to the sofa.

He then took off his jacket quietly and began mopping…

“This is not something that a man should do, put that down!” Huo Mian genuinely thought Qin Chu was unsuited to do these chores.

“This is my home as well, why can’t I do it? You should rest, leave it all to me.”

Qin Chu was an extremely efficient person. The first floor was spotless in no time, even the corners were impeccable.

Finally, after cleaning, he sat down on the sofa and hugged Huo Mian with one arm. Suddenly, he felt light and content.

“What’s up? Did something good happen? You’re smirking.” Huo Mian wondered.


“What is it? Can you share it with me?”

“Would you still like me if I was no longer the president of GK?” Qin Chu teased Huo Mian intentionally.

“Of course not! Why would anyone like you when you’re not the president?”

Qin Chu was speechless.

“No, seriously. I have a great plan! If I’m no longer the president, we can use the money we’ve saved up and spend a year traveling around the world. We can then settle down somewhere with beautiful scenery. Whether it is a small town, a village, or a big city, as long as we like it, we can open a private hospital there. I will be the doctor, and you can be the nurse.”

“No, I want to be the hospital director!” Huo Mian interrupted happily.

“Okay, you can be the director and I will be the deputy director. We will spend the rest of our lives in peace and happiness.”

“Sounds like a good plan, in theory. But you’re the only child in your family, who’s going to be the president then? Don’t tell me your dad is thinking of selling GK.”

“Nope.” Qin Chu shook his head.

Huo Mian rested her head on Qin Chu’s shoulder and asked gently, “Did you have a fight with your father?”

“Not much of a fight, more like a small argument…” Qin Chu said honestly.

“Was it because of me?” Huo Mian squirmed a little closer to Qin Chu.

Qin Chu looked down and stroked her hair affectionally, “Mrs. Qin, can you be anymore smarter?”

“I’m guessing it’s because of the Mian Foundation? Maybe you should name it something else, it’s a big deal…”

“That’s not the problem, don’t worry,” Qin Chu comforted her.

“But…” Huo Mian continued but was immediately interrupted by Qin Chu.

“Honey, when is your Aunt Flo leaving?” Qin Chu eagerly asked.




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