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Season 4

Episode 91

(Sudden Change Within One Night (1)

“Very well.” The corners of Huo Mian’s lips lifted attractively, and she put on the freshest morning smile.

“Would you like breakfast in the room or at the restaurant?” asked Qin Chu as he held her hand.

“Let’s go to the restaurant, I’m getting up and getting ready now.” Huo Mian prepared to get up right after she spoke.

Suddenly, her expression changed…

“What?” Qin Chu nervously asked when he noticed that she was being odd.

“I… think it’s… here.”

“What?” Qin Chu was confused.

“My time of the month.” Huo Mian looked very sad.

Qin Chu only realized then, as he lifted Huo Mian’s sheets and saw a splotch of bloodstains.

“Uhm…” Huo Mian was also speechless and didn’t know what to say.

However, he was quite lucky that her period only came this morning, or else how could they have fooled around last night?

“Don’t move yet, I’ll get someone to bring things over.” After Qin Chu comforted Huo Mian, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

Three minutes later, an attendant knocked on the door…

Qin Chu walked over and opened the door to their room.

“President Qin… this is what you asked for.”

Qin Chu took over a bag as he nodded; there were about five bags of sanitary pads in various sizes and some new underwear.

“Go change into this.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded and took over the pads and underwear into the washroom with embarrassment.

Half an hour later –

She washed up and put on some light makeup. When she walked out, she was still wearing the gown from last night.

Qin Chu shook his head after he saw, “Don’t wear that, change into that casual outfit.”

“Why?” Huo Mian didn’t understand, was this dress not pretty?

“The dress is too thin, you can’t catch a cold these days.”

“Okay.” Clearly, Mr. Qin was more considerate, and Huo Mian immediately went into the washroom to change into the leisurewear she was wearing when she came.

Once they got to the restaurant, it was already nearly nine…

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling sighed when they saw the two arrive so late, “You two must have had an intense time last night, did you do it until the break of dawn? Is that why you got up so late?”

Of course, Gao Ran was the only one who would say such shameless things…

Huo Mian didn’t talk back like usual; instead, her face grew red…

Zhu Lingling immediately noticed her abnormality, and she carefully pulled Huo Mian’s hand and quietly asked, “What happened last night?”

“Nothing happened.”

“That’s impossible, did you guys do it?” Zhu Lingling asked again.

“Do your head, hurry up and eat! Stop talking.” Huo Mian was pissed from embarrassment and refused to go on with Zhu Lingling.

Gao Ran continued to tease Qin Chu, “You’re in good shape Mr. Qin, you’re still able to get up today after your intense battle last night.”

Qin Chu calmly replied, “My kidney has always been decent, unlike you. You have to eat six boxes of supplements to get it up.”

“Ha… how is that possible? I’m in great shape; I don’t need those so-called supplements. Qin Chu, that’s a pretty damning joke,” Gao Ran yelled.

Qin Chu looked at him, and then his tone changed as he looked at Zhu Lingling, “I heard the two of you slept in the same room last night?”

“Ahem, ahem, ahem…” Gao Ran coughed fiercely.

Zhu Lingling immediately explained, “That’s because the light in my room broke, and the electrician couldn’t come, and there weren’t any other rooms, so that’s why…”

“Okay, okay, you don’t have to explain anymore, we believe you.” Huo Mian laughed as she patted Zhu Lingling’s hand.

“Ahem, ahem… but your expression says that you don’t believe me,” Zhu Lingling said sadly when she saw Huo Mian’s straight face.

“Chu, we should head back today, there are some things we have to take care of,” Gao Ran suddenly interrupted.

“Are you two getting your marriage license at the Civil Affairs Bureau?” asked Huo Mian teasingly.




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