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Season 4

Episode 20

(Her Husband Is the Boss (2)

"Uh… Maybe it was too cold last night. It's fall now, so the temperature is colder," Huo Mian replied quietly.

Qin Chu heartachingly took the blanket from the couch and covered her with it. Then, he walked into the kitchen and made some brown sugar ginger water to warm up her body.

Holding the cup of warm brown sugar ginger water in her hands, a smug smile appeared on Huo Mian's face.

She knew no matter how powerful Qin Chu was, he would panic as soon as she showed an impression of weakness...

He wouldn't even be able to tell if she was really sick or pretending...

The next day at work, Huo Mian was stopped by Deputy Director Guo after the morning meeting.

"What's going on, Deputy Director Guo?"

"Huo, South Side is choosing the best employee of the month, and I nominated you. As soon as Director Wu approves it, you'll receive a bonus of twenty thousand yuan."

"No, it's fine. Deputy Director Guo, I don't think that I'm that outstanding. I'm just doing my job." Huo Mian didn't want to be in the spotlight and be awarded the best employee. To be frank, she didn't think of herself as someone outstanding.

Her situation now was different from what it was in the beginning. She was quite poor when she had first started as an intern at the First Hospital.

She was in dire need of money and therefore asked the head nurse for a bonus.

Now, she no longer needed money, and she only wanted to do her job. She wanted to give the bonus to someone who actually needed it, or else she would feel guilty.

"Ugh, I said that I nominated you. Mr. Huo gave us so much funding, and it was all due to you."

Deputy Director Guo brought up Huo Siqian again, which gave Huo Mian a repulsive feeling.

"Deputy Director Guo, sorry, I don't have a great relationship with Huo Siqian. He's him and I am me, you don't have to give me special treatment because of him."

"Ha, I know, I won't let word get out. Don't worry and keep doing what you're doing." It seemed like Deputy Director Guo didn't understand what Huo Mian was trying to express. He left after trying to please Huo Mian with his words.

It bummed Huo Mian out...

- During lunch break -

A black Rolls-Royce slowly parked in front of South Side Recuperation Centre.

Huo Zhenghai exited the car, followed by two bodyguards and a chauffeur.

It may have been because his weak body was susceptible to chills because another bodyguard held an umbrella over his head.

He looked very stylish, dressed in a black wool coat. Huo Zhenghai had a smileless face and was exuding the aura of an aristocrat.

When Huo Mian saw him at the door of her office, she glanced at him and lowered her head, continuing to organize her reports.

She had no intention of talking to him...

"Mian," he spoke first.

Then, Huo Zhenghai waved his hand, signaling his people to take their leave and close the door behind him.

"Mr. Huo, don't waste time on me. I won't return to the Huo Family. I trust that you must've seen the official statement. I don't want to waste time bickering, as I am busy at work. Please leave."

To avoid an unpleasant conversation, Huo Mian straight up asked him to leave...

However, Huo Zhenghai had no intention of leaving. Instead, he sat down in front of Huo Mian.

"Mian, I understand what you're going through. Your mom and you have had some rough years, and as a father, I haven't been dutiful to either of you. I can understand if you blame me."

"Thank you for your understanding, I won't bother seeing you out."

Huo Mian's face was ice cold; she didn't even raise her head or glance at Huo Zhenghai once.

She was speechless with this cold-blooded businessman in front of her. As a human being, he did not have basic morals, so what was the point for him to keep living anymore.

Of course, she couldn't say that. After all, he was her father no matter how much she didn't want to admit to it.

"Be patient, Mian. Hear me out first, I heard rumors that you were Su Yu's private nurse when he stayed here, right?" After beating around the bush for a while, Huo Zhenghai got to the real reason he came today.




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