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Season 4

Episode 22

(Her Husband Is the Boss (4)

Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

"Nothing, it's just that I haven't seen President Su in a few days. I missed him." Zhao Qingya's voice was light and soft.

No one knew if her voice was fake or natural, but she always spoke with that voice on television and gained many male fans.

"It looks like Young Master Su's scoring tonight."

The people joked, but Su Yu's face remained emotionless.

After playing a few rounds, Wei Liao suggested, "Let's go to a bar for some drinks, it's too early right now and we don't have anything to do anyway."

Su Yu looked down at his watch; it was only ten thirty. He nodded. "You can find a place."

Wei Liao immediately called to reserve a place before the group headed over.

With Su Yu were a dozen people who he didn't know that well, but they hung out in the same circle.

Usually, these young masters would pride themselves on seeing Su Yu in person.

They would even secretly boast in their WeChat friend circle. The new way to flex in C City wasn't with money or cars, it was hanging out with Su Yu. That was a true indication of status.

Zhao Qingya was wearing a short-sleeved dress set from Chanel. The dress suited her, and it made her look beautiful and elegant.

Many people in the private room asked to take pictures with her. Her popularity was obvious...

She was also the kind of person who looked better in real life than on television, which proved that she was a beautiful woman to begin with…

"President Su, I want to be the leading actress in our company's next film, Shooting Star and the Butterfly Sword: In the Past Life and the Present ," Seeing that Su Yu was in a good mood, Zhao Qingya coyly smiled and asked.

"Alright." Su Yu nodded but didn't say much else.

"But Lisa said that you've decided on Mian Mian," Zhao Qingya pouted, showing her unsatisfaction.

"Oh, then you can act in something else. Our company produces quite a few movies every year anyway," Su Yu unmindfully said while drinking.

"I don't want to, I'm a big fan of martial arts, and I like Shooting Star and the Butterfly Sword. President Su… don't you like me anymore? Do you want to replace me with Mian Mian now?"

Displeased, Su Yu looked at her and asked, "I've never said anything about replacing anyone. I'll be with whoever I am interested in at that moment, or did you forget the rules?"

"No, I just… I just feel like Mian Mian is a schemer, copying the way I got into the spotlight. Maybe she's not being sincere, only approaching you for fame and profit."

"Saying that makes it sound like you aren't after the same thing," Su Yu sneered.

Realizing that she said the wrong thing, Zhao Qingya quickly explained, "President Su, I am different from her. I've been with you for the longest, I…"

"You should go now, I'm a bit tired."


Before Zhao Qingya could finish her next sentence, Su Yu waved his hands, and one of his men escorted the unwilling Zhao Qingya out.

"What's going on, Mr. Su? Where are you going to go to satisfy your desires tonight now that the hottie's gone?"

Su Yu glared at Wei Liao, "Why don't you satisfy me then?"

"No way, I don't like men. I only like soft girls with a large chest, a small waist, and a sweet voice," Wei Liao laughed.

After Zhao Qingya left, Su Yu continued to drink slowly...

In between drinks, someone brought up and found enjoyment in discussing Zhou Guangming's private business.

"Yo, did you hear? The Zhou Family said that they're going to seek revenge against that woman. What's her background, anyway? She was so brave and almost killed Zhou Guangming. Apparently, Mrs. Zhou's face turned purple from anger, and they said they'll never spare that woman."

"That's for sure, the Zhou Family is a parvenu that's so filthy rich that they don't know how to spend their money. Isn't it easier to hire someone to teach that woman a lesson? Face disfiguration, rape, and other forms of revenge could happen any minute."

Hearing those words immediately put Su Yu in a horrible mood. He abruptly stood up and brutishly threw his wine glass on the floor.

A loud 'clang' was followed by silence, and the room was immediately drained of all sound...

Nobody knew why Su Yu's mood shifted so suddenly.

"Young Master Su, what's going on?" Both Wei Liao and Tang Chuan were shocked.





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