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Season 4

Episode 27

(Her Husband Is the Boss (9)

"Oh wow, incredible, Mian bought a car," Auntie Wu complemented.

Huo Mian didn't want to seem high-profile, so she only nodded in response, "I took out a loan to buy it. I live too far from work, so it's easier for me to get around with a car."

To her surprise, Xu Liang interjected, "That's not just any car, it's an imported model. The engines on this thing are much more high-end than those made in China, and it's worth around 300,000 yuan."

"That's expensive, Mian, you've done well for yourself."

Auntie Wu didn't know cars that well, but she knew that her son's Audi A4 was a little over 300,000 yuan, so she was impressed to hear that Huo Mian's car was around the same price.

"I don't know much about cars, and a friend introduced me to this model, so I bought it." Huo Mian was unwilling to show-off her car. After all, that wasn't her style.

However, her mother was quick to interject, "Mian is now a head nurse at her hospital and earns more than 10,000 yuan a month."

"That's great! I heard that South Side is filled with rich people. Mian, you didn't find yourself a boyfriend from all the rich heirs?"

Auntie Wu was a big gossip, and Huo Mian didn't know how to answer her. She didn't like to deceive others or lie, but as of that moment, she couldn't tell her mother the truth, because her mother couldn't know about her and Qin Chu.

Therefore, she shook her head, "No, I didn't. Those admitted to South Side are all patients, and as medical professionals, we don't really interact with them outside of work."

"You're right, Mian had been an honest and humble kid ever since she was a little girl. She's not like other girls her age who wear short skirts and heavy makeup. That's a good thing."

They chatted until Huo Mian was full from all the food…

Just as she was about to go into the house and tidy up the bedroom, Auntie Wu said, "Liang, go take a walk with Huo Mian outside. Didn't you say that you had some medical questions you wanted to ask her about?"

"Yeah, Mian, go take a walk with Liang. You guys should have a lot to talk about." Huo Mian's mother said, after receiving Auntie Wu's signal.

This was such an obvious setup…

Huo Mian felt speechless…

However, Xu Liang took the initiative. He said to Huo Mian, "Let's go."

Out of sensibility, Huo Mian had no choice but to get up and go with Xu Liang. Auntie Wu immediately said secretively to Yang Meirong, "Hey, girl, what do you think of my son?"

"Liang is a good kid, but… our family conditions aren't that good, and we're no match for your family."

"What are you talking about? We've known each other for so long, do you really think that I'd look down on you? Originally, I didn't think too much about this because Mian had a boyfriend, but last time, I heard Zhixin mention that they broke up, so I began thinking about introducing Mian to Liang. A few days ago, I called to ask Liang what he thought of Mian and, to my surprise, he liked the photo of Mian I showed him. And, here we are. He took some time off work to come back to meet her, and I had plans to ask you to call Mian to come home so the two of them could meet, but she came back herself today. Look at that, it's fate, I know it."

Auntie Wu had a quick mouth and was a chatter bug. She also liked to play matchmaker and always made things sound much better than they actually were.

"I have no objections as long as the kids like each other. I've known Liang since he was a baby, and I know that he's a good kid."

"That's good, let's sit here and wait for their good news." Auntie Wu was exhilarated.

She was almost positive that Huo Main was bound to fall for her son…

As they walked around, Huo Mian didn't speak much. She hadn't seen Xu Liang in years, and all her memories about him were from when they were kids.

"My mom said that you work at South Side Recuperation Center?"

"Yeah." Huo Mian nodded.

"Is it a lot of work? How's the overall work environment?" All of Xu Liang's questions were well measured. She could tell that he was a proper person.





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