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Season 4

Episode 9

(A Little Too Much Fun (1)

"Where the hell did this crazy b*tch come from, is she retarded?" First slapped and then cursed at, Deng Kai was flabbergasted.

He had too much alcohol and too much fun and had completely forgotten that Zhu Lingling often mentioned to him that her best friend's name was Huo Mian.

Therefore, he had absolutely no idea who Huo Mian was…

Then, Huo Mian ignored everyone around them and walked straight up to Zhou Guangming. She pulled Zhu Lingling, half-conscious, away from Zhou Guangming's embrace.

"Lingling, let's go."

"Wait." Zhou Guangming's face immediately went grim.

Huo Mian didn't stop; she headed for the door but was blocked by Zhou Guangming's people.

"Are you crazy, taking people from my arms? Do you think I'm blind?" Zhou Guangming was in the middle of having the time of his life when this girl came in and ruined everything. Of course he was pissed off.

"Lingling is my best friend, she asked me to come to pick her up, so I'm picking her up. It's as simple as that."

"Haha, kudos for being so arrogant. Did you think this place was a supermarket, and you can just come and go as you wish?"

Zhou Guangming sneered as he slowly stood up from the couch…

He thought that it would be a piece of cake, dealing with lowlifes like her.

He especially liked to toy with weak girls, and he loved playing cat and mouse…

Just then, Huo Yanyan suddenly walked up; she rested her hand on Zhou Guangming's shoulder and said, "Young Master Zhou, you're a lucky man, I foresee a threesome tonight~"

"A threesome? Hahaha, that's a good idea, you're a smart girl." Zhou Guangming, enlightened by Huo Yanyan, suddenly had an awakening.

Huo Mian coldly glanced at Huo Yanyan, "You seem to know a lot about it, I assumed you've tried it before?"

"Of course not, I'm an upper-class socialite from a good family. Unlike you, you little lowlife. You won't even sell for a high price."

"Hey, Miss Huo, do you two know each other?" Zhou Guangming obviously noticed something going on between them.

To his surprise, both Huo Mian and Huo Yanyan answered his question at the same time, "No."

"Haha, that's good then. Hey, pretty girl, you definitely won't be able to leave tonight, so… why don't you stay here and have some fun? Or you can leave, but your good friend will have to stay. What do you think?"

Huo Mian, on the other hand, was extremely calm. She tightened her grip around Zhu Lingling's waist, stared at Zhou Guangming and said, word for word, "You seem to look like a human being, but I don't think you're speaking our language. People like you are a waste of oxygen when alive, and a waste of land when dead."

Wei Liao, watching from the side, couldn't help but burst into laughter…

"She's hilarious, even her curses are unique. I can't believe she just said that with a straight face, no wonder you like her."

"She has always been like that," Su Yu said as he stared at Huo Mian.

"Go ahead, curse me all you want. I'll get back at you later in bed, hahaha." Zhou Guangming laughed dirtily.

He thought that it would be impossible for a weak woman like Huo Mian, with no background, no one to rely on, and no experience in fighting, to leave a room with more than 20 people. She could dream all she wanted, but it was not going to happen.

To him, Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling were already carved turkeys, plated and ready for him to enjoy.

"I don't believe that will happen. The more you try to stop me from leaving, the more determined I am about leaving. Let's see, who wants to stop me?" Huo Mian scanned the room with an icy expression.

When she glanced past Su Yu, her face remained emotionless, as if she was just looking at a stranger. This was because Zhu Lingling had already told her that Su Yu was there as well, so there was nothing to be surprised about.

Interested at what was happening, Wei Liao looked at Su Yu, "Isn't it time for you go and enter the scene and save the princess? Tsk tsk, from the way things are headed, I swear I'm watching a Korean drama."





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