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Season 4

Episode 39

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (1)

When Su Yu returned to the Headquarters of Imperial Star Entertainment, a lot of people were gathered outside Zhao Qingya's private dressing room.

Zhao Qingya was sitting on the sofa; there was bandage around her foot and her eyes were red…

Her agent was by her side and carefully taking care of her. On the other side, Lisa was with Mian Mian, and neither dared to utter a sound.

Mian Mian had her hair down and head lowered, she seemed to be quiet as if she had made a mistake.

"President Su…"

"President Su, you're back."

The people in the company all greeted Su Yu carefully upon seeing him.

"President Su, you're finally back! Come look at Qingya, she was tripped by this stupid new girl. Qingya already has a ton of jobs lined up but her foot is so swollen, what are we going to do?"

Su Yu glanced at Zhao Qingya's foot, but his expression did not change…

When Zhao Qingya saw Su Yu, she quickly said in a soft voice, "It's okay, everyone was too nervous. Mian Mian did not do it on purpose, she's still new so she didn't know that I'm the only one uses this dressing room."

Mian Mian also explained, "Yes, President Su, I really didn't know that it was Qingya's private dressing room. I was late today because of traffic, and I was afraid I couldn't make it to the interview so I just went into an empty dressing room."

"What happened to her leg? Did you push her?" President Su looked at Mian Mian and asked.

"No, no, no, I didn't do it on purpose, we were chatting and Qingya was walking out of the room when she slipped, and I was only trying to help her…"

"Yeah, President Su, she tried to help me but the floor was too slippery so I fell. It has nothing to do with Mian Mian. Please don't blame her." Zhao Qingya's words sounded like she was helping Mian Mian, but her words were actually all directed against her. President Su was smart enough to hear it through her tone.

As a higher-level executive of the company, Lisa did not side with anyone, but she was quite fed up with Zhao Qingya's pretentious behavior.

She explained, "President Su, let's not pursue this matter any further, they are both celebrities under our label and have a lot of public activities they need to attend to. There's no need to blow this matter up. It will be bad if the media catches news of this and writes a report about it. Mian Mian is still new, so it is understandable for her to make mistakes, I will make sure to teach her well for the future. But she should pay for Qingya's medical fees, I will deduct the fees from her salary, is that okay?"

"Yes, just do that." Su Yu approved Lisa's idea; he looked tired and was not in the mood.

Just as Su Yu turned around to leave, Zhao Qingya got up. "President Su, I have some matters that I would like to discuss with you in private."

Su Yu paused and looked back at Zhao Qingya. "If it's a business matter, talk to Lisa and she will pass the message on to me. You don't need to talk to me if it's a private matter, I'm not in the mood to deal with trivial matters these days. Since you injured your foot, just go home and rest."

After speaking, Su Yu turned around and walked away…

Zhao Qingya suddenly felt so embarrassed…

Once upon a time, she was Su Yu's favorite woman, but now, she had to talk to his assistant first in order to speak to him?

Was Su Yu tired of her and wanted to replace her?

That shouldn't be it. As of right now, none of Su Yu's women were even close to being her opponent.

Even the international actress queen, Annie Liang, lost to her, so how could she lose to anyone now?

Her manager sensed that something was amiss and asked in a low voice, "Qingya, what happened between you and President Su?"

Zhao Qingya smiled bitterly. "I don't know either."

- That evening -

Huo Mian stayed back at work for a bit, and when she got home, Qin Chu had prepared a warm meal for her…

At the dinner table, Huo Mian slowly took out the court summons from her bag and handed it over, "Mr. Qin, here… take a look at this."





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