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Season 4

Episode 93

(Sudden Change Within One Night (3)

Huo Mian knew that he was acting all mysterious again, and there might be another surprise that was to come.

After they walked about three miles of the mountain path, Huo Mian was shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of her eyes…

Yellow tree leafs filled both sides of the path, and because birch trees turned golden in the fall, it was very beautiful.

However, after three miles, the yellow suddenly turned into a sea of deep red…

It was as if a spell was cast upon this area…

“My gosh, it’s gorgeous…” Huo Mian looked at the red leaves around her as she spun around. She felt like she was inside a fairy-tale.

Qin Chu raised his head and said as he looked at those trees, “These are birch trees. Each and every fall, the leaves will turn deep red for half a month. It’s very beautiful, and those who work in the hotel also live here, so I thought that it was nice when they told me about this place. I bought this piece of land, and I want to turn it into a maple leaf tourist area. But to maintain the natural beauty of these trees, it would only be open to the public for fifteen days each year and only accept two hundred tourists each day.”

Huo Mian raised her thumb. “Good idea, I’ll give you tons of likes.”

“Do you like it?”

“I do… it’s gorgeous here, I never imagined that a place like this existed. If I walked around this path in the woods during a rainy day, it would be so romantic with the red leaves and small drops of rain….”

Qin Chu felt truly happy when he saw Huo Mian in such joy.

“Hubby, when we’re old, let’s build a wooden mansion here, and live within the depth of these red leaves. We can have a bunch of chickens, ducks, and geese, along with a dog, and eat naturally-grown, non-polluted greens… Wouldn’t that be heavenly?”

“We’ll also have a bunch of kids, then it’ll be more lively,” Qin Chu added.

Huo Mian immediately rolled her eyes at him, “Do you think I’m a pig? A bunch?”

“Let’s have enough babies for a whole soccer team. I will definitely want them to try out for the World Cup,” teased Qin Chu.

Huo Mian burst out in laughter…

She lowered her head, picked up a red leaf, and placed it on her left eye. It was extremely beautiful…

Qin Chu couldn’t help it but take out his phone, and with a ‘snap’, he captured this alluring moment…

“It’s stunning, why aren’t you taking photos?” Qin Chu reminded her.

Huo Mian shook her head, “Many beautiful sceneries can’t be captured in a photo, you have to personally be in it and actually see it to truly enjoy it. Sometimes your eyes are the best cameras.”

“You’re always right, honey.” Qin Chu smiled and placed the phone back into his pockets.

It might be because that Huo Mian was in such a good mood that she ran a few steps up the stairs…

“Mian, come back, you can’t go there,” Qin Chu warned as his expressions slightly changed.

“Why not? Did you hide a lover of yours in the depth of the woods? Hiding away the beauty in some mansion? Huh?” Huo Mian laughed as she ran up two steps at a time, and Qin Chu couldn’t stop her, so he had no choice but to follow closely behind.

“Hiding some beauty in a mansion? How could you even think of that, what a tale…” Qin Chu felt helpless. He followed her closely worried that something would happen to her.

After all, this mountain region had only been developed recently, so it wasn’t very safe yet. Within the first five miles was the shallow mountain region, where small squirrels, monkeys, or other kinds of small wild animals lived. But if one continued onwards, there might be unknown dangers.

Even though he hadn’t heard of tigers or black bears appearing nearby, it was better to be careful…

Huo Mian ran a mile in one breath, and as she grew tired, she stopped and breathed in huge breaths of fresh air.

Suddenly a colorful thing beside a tree on the bottom left corner caught her eye. It was round.

“What a cute little mushroom.” She lowered her body and reached out to pick it.

Qin Chu, a few steps behind her, saw this. Terrified, he exclaimed, “Mian, don’t!”

Huo Mian immediately stopped her movements, and just then the round thing spread out, one curve after another…

Then, it spat out a deep red tongue…

“Ahh, a snake!” Huo Mian screamed out. Perhaps it would’ve been better if she didn’t scream, because when she did, it terrified that little snake, causing it to immediately leap up towards Huo Mian’s arm.




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