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Season 4

Episode 60

(Oh She's Already Married (2)

At first, Wei Liao thought Su Yu was amusing himself by trying something new...

He never would've thought that Su Yu would be so serious about this girl. They had been bros for so long and Wei Liao had seen countless women come and go in Su Yu's life. He never saw him treating any of them this seriously.

The only time he did was for a married woman, and that gave Wei Liao a headache...

"This isn't a good idea, right?" Wei Liao thought that it would be morally wrong.

"Why isn't it? People can still divorce after they get married. Nothing is set in stone, didn't you hear about the king of the entertainment industry? What's his name again? He divorced his wife after a dozen or so years of marriage. He even had a fifteen-year-old kid. He still chose to get divorced and married a girl born in the 1990's. Time is changing, and so is society. Slowly but surely, many impossibilities will become possibilities. Big Boy Su, I support you. Ha, what's Qin Chu worth anyways? We'll go against him for you, we've got your back. GK is nothing, we'll see how long he'll last against us."

Tang Chuan had a quick temper as well and blindly supported Su Yu in the heat of the moment...

Wei Liao, on the other hand, found it too worrying to deal with his two ill-tempered bros...

- Imperial Park -

Huo Mian and Qin Chu were out for the entire evening. It was really late when they started heading home, and there were no more buses.

In the end, the two were forced to call a cab home...

- Inside the bedroom -

Huo Mian was only draped in a towel when she came out of the bathroom.

Qin Chu put down the book in his hand and pridefully asked, "Didn't you promise to wear nothing?"

"Uh… I just looked at the weather forecast and it said that it's going to be chilly tonight. Ha, I don't wanna get sick, so I'll be better off wearing a towel."

"That's okay, I'll help warm you up."

"No thank you, haha."

"So… you're going to be like this now? Someone who goes back on her words?" Qin Chu stared at Huo Mian and questioned her in an unsatisfied tone.

Huo Mian had no words to back herself up...

Why must her husband have such a good memory and be so persistent?

"Fine, fine, don't look at me like that. Otherwise, I would think that I did something to upset you. I'll take it all off, I'm not scared. Hmph, by then, you'll be the one who can't hold it and suffer."

Huo Mian was in high spirits as she took off the towel and dove under the covers in a flash before Qin Chu could take a good look.

That speed was fast...

"You have really fast reflexes, I didn't even get a clear look," jokingly, Qin Chu said.

"You can see it, in your dreams! Turn off the light and go to sleep."

"The night's so long, are you sure you can sleep, my love?" Tilting his head, Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian.

She was silent before answering, "Qin Chu, what do you want?"

"What do you think?" Qin Chu asked back.

"Don't even think, hmph, I want to torture you. You can look and touch me, but you can't sleep with me."

Qin Chu was silent...

He could tolerate the fact that she won't let him sleep with her, so he was still good as long as he could touch her and partially satisfy his desires.

Qin Chu suddenly dove into their bed and began groping Huo Mian...

"Ah… Qin Chu, what are you grabbing, stop." Huo Mian couldn't stay calm any longer and screamed.

That night, nothing substantial happened, but Huo Mian was touched all over by Qin Chu.

It finally balanced out in Mr. Qin's heart...

He felt like Huo Mian was slowly accepting him and opening her heart up to him. So… it was only a matter of time until she became his.

- The next morning -

When Huo Mian arrived at South Side, Wang Tingting suddenly walked up to her wearing her own clothes rather than her uniform.

"It's almost time for work, you should change into your work clothes," Huo Mian reminded her.

"Huo Mian, this is my resignation letter. Here you go."

"You're quitting?" taking the white envelope, Huo Mian asked.




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