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Season 4

Episode 12

(A Little Too Much Fun (4)

Huo Yanyan was furious that Zhou Guangming's men were kept at bay by Huo Mian.

She decided to pour more gasoline on the fire, "Don't be scared of her. She's just a woman, she can't do anything. There are so many people here, are we about to let two women go? People will laugh at us if they hear about it."

Huo Mian glanced at Huo Yanyan for just a second, and then she continued, "You can listen to her nonsense, but I wouldn't mind draining your Big Brother Zhou's blood. At worse, I'll pay for it in prison. But here's the thing – Lingling and I are just ordinary citizens with nothing special. I heard that your Big Brother Zhou here is a super-rich heir, and he has so much money, he can burn it just for fun. Tsk tsk… it'll be a shame if he dies young…"

After Huo Mian finished her sentence, the men backed away, unwilling to advance any further.

"Hey little girl, let's talk things out, this is too dangerous. Why don't you let me go first? Then, I'll ask my men to escort the two of you out, what do you think?"

Zhou Guangming's legs went weak upon hearing what Huo Mian said…

His rage had burned out, and all he cared about now was keeping himself alive.

Huo Mian was right; he was so rich, it wouldn't be worth it to die over something like this.

What was the point of fighting with two women anyways?

"I'm not a little kid, and I'm not about to negotiate with you. Either you let me go now, or we both die here. My patience is running out, so you'd better make your decision soon. Or else, I have no choice but to start draining your blood."

Then, she lightly scraped the broken beer bottle on his neck, and blood immediately began flowing out…

The truth was, she didn't use a lot of strength. It was just an exterior wound; as a medical professional, she knew more than anyone how to control bleeding.

However, in the others' eyes, she was acting like a maniac…

"Sh*t, is she really going to drain Big Brother Zhou of his blood?"

"There's so much blood! Holy f*ck, should we call the police?"

Everyone inside the private room lost their cool and sank into chaos… things have officially gone a little too far.

Second-generation heirs like them only knew of booze and fun; none of them had ever witnessed a scene as bloody as this one.

"Hurry up, let them go! Make way! This woman has gone mad!"

Zhou Guangming felt a chill on his neck as sticky blood flowed out of it. At that moment, all of his rationality disappeared as he completely broke down.

At that same moment, Su Yu couldn't help but look at Huo Mian with admiration.

Yes, he was impressed by how calm and collected she stayed when faced with danger, capable of controlling the situation and dealing with the enemy.

She easily destroyed Zhou Guangming's sanity and took control of the scene.

It was a shame that she was born in modern times; if she were born a couple hundred years ago, she would make a fine military commander…

She had the potential to lead men into war…

She had fast reflexes and tackled matters accurately and ruthlessly. She didn't say much, but her actions spoke louder than a million words…

At that moment, all the men seemed like nobodies under her aura…

"Don't let her go, don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen," Huo Yanyan shrieked loudly.

People just ignored her; at this point, everyone believed that Huo Mian was for real.

If they kept this going, someone was really going to die...

"F*ck, what are you all standing there for? Let her go…" In the end, Zhou Guangming wailed out in tears, in fear that he was really going to bleed to death.

"Come one, guys, let her go. Open the door."

Someone called out from the crowd, and everyone slowly dispersed. Then, someone opened the door.

Huo Mian continued to tug on Zhou Guangming's collar with one hand and press the beer bottle against his neck with the other, unwilling to budge.

"You, help my friend up and come downstairs with me. No one else can come." Huo Mian looked at the man holding Zhu Lingling and ordered.

The man quickly helped Zhu Lingling up and then left the room with Huo Mian.

The others all watched, but no one had no guts to chase after them…

Finally, Huo Mian forced Zhou Guangming downstairs and ordered the other man to put Zhu Lingling on the passenger seat of her car.

"Let go of her and then go back 50 meters," Huo Mian commanded.

The man immediately followed her orders; Huo Mian made sure that no one else had followed her and everything was okay. Then, she pushed away Zhou Guangming, opened the door to her car and drove away.

Then, the others immediately helped Zhou Guangming back to the room.

"Hurry up, call the ambulance!" someone in the crowd yelled.

"Call what f*cking ambulance, go chase that car and make sure she doesn't leave the city. I'm killing those two b*tches!"

Zhou Guangming's fury rekindled in his heart; he was outraged and horrified at the same time.

Just as his people were about to chase after Huo Mian, Su Yu slowly stood up and said, "No."



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