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Season 4

Episode 41

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (3)

Then, Qin Chu added, "You already know that since the Zhous decided to sue you in court, you won't get off easy with a fine or short detention time. They want to put you in jail and are doing everything they can to make sure that happens. They won't give up unless you're sentenced to at least ten years of prison time."

Huo Mian bit down on her lips but didn't say anything…

Qin Chu was right – she knew that the Zhous used drastic measures this time and weren't about to let her off the hook easily.

Therefore, if they found an ordinary lawyer to defend her, she would lose for sure…

The Zhous had the guts to sue, which meant that they were certain that they were going to win.

How could Huo Mian still be thinking about GK's reputation rather than her own future at a time like this?

"Still, we can't use GK's attorneys." Huo Mian was determined not to drag Qin Chu and GK into her mess.


"Promise me, Qin Chu, let me be selfish this once. Can we not use GK's legal team? I don't want to do that. GK's reputation in C City has been so great all these years, I will never forgive myself if my lawsuit ruins everything your family had built up."

"I don't care about that."

What Qin Chu actually wanted to say was, all he cared about was her. However, he swallowed those words before they came out of his mouth.

"But I care, and I'll feel burdened. You have been taking care of me ever since we got back together, solving all the messes that I got myself into. I can't let you sacrifice the hard-fought reputation your company took so long to build up."

"Those are just worldly possessions."

"But human beings rely on worldly possessions to live – money and power may seem vulgar, but such things are craved by every single person. No one wants to be poor their entire lives, so… let's not overestimate ourselves. I knew that you would help me with this incident with Zhou Guangming, but you still have to weigh your stakes."

"I promise you." Seeing how determined Huo Mian was, Qin Chu finally compromised.

Huo Mian let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you for understanding."

"But what should we do if you end up losing the lawsuit because we didn't use GK's legal team?" Qin Chu asked in all seriousness.

Huo Mian smiled, "Can you appeal for me then?"

Qin Chu, "…"

"You have so much money, can't you just bribe the judge?"

Qin Chu, "…"

"Or, can you be violent and kidnap Zhou Guangming, then threaten his family to withdraw the lawsuit?"

Qin Chu, "…"

His wife was indeed a weirdo, how did she come up with those ideas? He must have been worrying for nothing, assuming that she would be scared because of everything that happened. However, she did not seem at all afraid.

"Haha, I'm just kidding, did you think I was being serious?" Huo Mian burst out in laughter after seeing the struggle on Qin Chu's face.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, was in no mood to laugh with her...

After dinner, Huo Mian laid her head down on Qin Chu's legs and watched TV like she always did.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, set aside all his work and watched the boring TV show with her.



"If, and I'm saying 'if' here so don't get nervous, okay? If I really lose the lawsuit and end up in prison, would you miss me?"

"I'll send you some food."

"Um…" Huo Mian was dumbfounded by her husband's remarks.

"Are you really my husband? Or did you get me at some buy-one-get-one-free promotion?"

Qin Chu didn't respond; he looked down and lovingly pinched Huo Mian's fair-skinned face.

"Hey, I'm serious, Mr. Qin, won't you miss me a lot?" Huo Mian asked a little coquettishly.

Qin Chu sighed. He smoothed out her hair while saying, "If you really end up in jail, I will get you out, even if I lose everything, and then…"

Just as Huo Mian thought he was going to say something that would bring her to tears, he said, "Then, I'll punish you once you get home."

"Ahem… I'm about to be locked up, how can you still have the heart to punish me?"

"Who's the heartless one here? You're the one going to prison, and you threatened me to not use GK's legal team."


"I'm the kettle, you're the pot, and you're calling me black." Qin Chu smiled.

After some more chit-chat, Huo Mian became sleepy and soon fell into deep sleep…

Qin Chu lowered his head and kissed her lovingly on the forehead.

"Don't worry, as long as I'm here, no one will be able to hurt you." His voice was charming, like a magic spell.





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