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Season 4

Episode 4

(This Woman Is Too Capricious (11)

"If the truth will hurt, you can lie to me sometimes."

Qin Chu's lips quirked up into a big grin…

"What are you laughing about? Tell me, what's my score? It's my first time making this." Huo Mian anxiously urged.

"If you want me to lie, then it's really good."

"What about the truth?" Huo Mian was a little worried.

"The truth is — it's really, really good."

"Right, you got me. Scary." Huo Mian felt reassured after hearing what Qin Chu said.

She tried it when she was cooking it and thought it was good. Although it was not as delicate as Lingling's dad's version, but the flavor was tasty enough…

Qin Chu had always been very picky about food, so she was actually worried that he would say it was bad or something.

But, her worrying was actually unnecessary to Qin Chu.

Even if Huo Mian made poison he would still say, "Yes, it's good, really good."

As someone who was whipped, what negative words could you possibly get from him?

After a pleasant dinner, Qin Chu went to the kitchen to do dishes.

Huo Mian grabbed an apple to eat as she leisurely watched the shows on the music channel.

In the kitchen, Qin Chu's phone rang…

He rinsed off the bubbles on his hands and picked up his phone.


"Boss, lately someone has been looking for your current address and news about you and your wife. They even went to your high school to look for things from all those years ago. I don't know what they're after.."

"Stop them."

"Yes, Boss."

After hanging up the phone, Qin Chu's eyes sunk into deep thought…

Huo Mian worked at South Side and he didn't get involved in her work too much, nor did he put someone on the inside.

He trusted his wife, 120%.

But lately, someone had been privately investigating Huo Mian's address and things that happened when they were at school.

This concerned him…

The good thing was that the Imperial Park had good privacy and he bought the apartment under Huo Mian's name. Moreover, the title had been tampered with at the Real Estate Bureau and was hidden. Normal people wouldn't be able to find it.

Besides, if someone was following Huo Mian, their trail would end there because Qin Chu had done some cleaning up inside the Imperial Park.

He did that to mislead his parents. He was afraid that they would come and give Huo Mian a hard time.

Now, it seemed like there were other people interested in Huo Mian's private life…

"Mr. Qin, are you ready? Come and watch, Rene Liu is singing."

Huo Mian's voice sounded from the living room…

Qin Chu organized the dishes, came out of the kitchen and sat next to Huo Mian.

Rene Liu's beautiful voice came forth…

"Isn't this song beautiful?" Huo Mian asked intimately as she put her arms around Qin Chu's.

"Yes it is."

" It Happens That You Are Also Here , I have liked this song for many years, and every time I hear it, my heart throbs." Huo Mian smiled.

Qin Chu didn't say anything else as he let Huo Mian's head lean on his shoulder and enjoyed the beautiful time that belonged to the two of them.

Actually, he didn't really like her songs nor did he know who Rene Liu was.

He only knew that if Huo Mian liked it, he must like it.

If Huo Mian was happy, he would be happy…

Love me, love my dog. It was as simple as that…

Although Huo Mian didn't need Qin Chu to give her a ride to work after she got her car back, he still insisted on dropping her off at the intersection.

Then, they would go different ways to work, living a busy but fulfilling day.

- At the headquarters of Imperial Star Entertainment -

Su Yu rarely came to the office headquarters. For most of the time, he conducted business over the phone or through video conference meetings.

Miraculously, Imperial Star Entertainment grew bigger and bigger, becoming a domestically famous media tycoon.

Many overseas Chinese stars signed with the company on account of its reputation, and it was widely praised in the entertainment circle.

"Young Master Su, I'm really sorry, we still haven't gotten the information you asked us to find," a young man in a suit said, with his head lowered.

"Are you all useless?"

"No, someone purposefully blocked our tracks. This person… has an immensely powerful background, otherwise, we shouldn't have failed, considering that we used so many connections."

Su Yu looked at the documents in front of him furiously…

It had been almost two weeks and he was only able to dig up Huo Mian's college boyfriend, Ning Zhiyuan, who had already gotten married to someone else a few days ago. What use could that be to Su Yu?

"I want to find out who her current boyfriend is, not her ex-boyfriend. Do you understand?"

"I do."

"Then f*ck off and go find it. Do you need me to teach you how to?" Su Yu was exasperated. It was the first time he spent this long to investigate a woman and failed. How complicated was Huo Mian?

TL Note: Alright, you guys will be experiencing one of the best early-arcs in this novel in the upcoming chapters, be prepared! There's a bug with the browser version of translator's note, so I'm putting it here for now.




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