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Season 4

Episode 42

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (4)

A week flew by; Huo Mian requested for a day off from South Side in preparation for the court date.

The hearing was scheduled for 9 AM, so Huo Mian got up at 7:30 AM.

She took a shower and washed her hair. Then, she chose a red blazer and black suit pants from her closet, along with a black shirt, giving an elegant feeling.

Most importantly, Huo Mian thought that red was a lucky color and hoped that everything would turn out fine today.

She let her hair fall on her shoulders and put on a tiny bit of makeup. She looked like a white-collar, ready for work.

When she arrived downstairs for breakfast, Qin Chu looked at her with a slight shock in his eyes.

He knew that Mian was pretty to begin with, but when she had makeup on, her beauty was comparable to that of international superstars.

"You seem to be in a good mood today."

"Of course, I can't lose morale. I heard that wearing red is lucky, so I'm really hoping that today will go well." Huo Mian picked up a glass of milk and drank it.

"It will."

"Definitely don't come to court today, okay?"

"I know."

"The lawyer…"

"I found a lawyer for you, and he'll arrive at court on time. Don't worry, he's not from GK," Qin Chu hastily added in the end.

"Thanks, Mr. Qin." Huo Mian smiled at him sweetly.

She was extremely satisfied with Qin Chu's arrangements…

She was afraid that if too many people showed up at court and Qin Chu went, he would suffer from rumors because of her.

Human beings were weird; Huo Mian didn't care about what others said about her, no matter how disgusting their words were.

However, she couldn't stand others talking crap about Qin Chu, that was something she couldn't tolerate at all, feeling as if she was also wronged by the whole world....

Plus, she didn't want Qin Chu to see her at her lowest…

She didn't have much of a chance of winning this time. If it weren't for Qin Chu's help, she couldn't even imagine what things might've come to.

Huo Mian believed in 'good will come to those who do good'. She was no Robin Hood, but she was diligent at her job and saved a lot of people, even if she wasn't supposed to.

But this time, if Zhou Guangming's attempted rape and drugging of Lingling and his treatment towards her made her end up in jail, then justice really didn't exist in this world.

The couple left home after having breakfast together, just like always.

Qin Chu didn't say anything more to her, but that was a good thing because it lessened her emotional baggage.

She drove herself to the Provincial Higher People's Procuratorate. This incident was a scandal inside the upper-class circle, so the Zhous made sure that word didn't get out. There was no sign of reporters, and the procuratorate assigned extra security by the front and side gates. It was obvious they treated this seriously.

However, Huo Mian thought it was unnecessary since it wasn't a murder case…

Su Yu also told her that the Zhous went through a lot of connections for this case, so things didn't seem favorable to her.

She saw the Zhous outside the procuratorate.

Zhou Guangming was surrounded by seven or eight people and walked up to the door as if he were the Queen of England….

When he saw Huo Mian, he looked away and pretended not to see her…

Huo Mian thought it was because he hated her, but that wasn't the case. Zhou Guangming still suffered from PTSD when he looked at Huo Mian.

Zhou Guangming's mother, on the other hand, spat out aggressively, "Little b*tch, watch us teach you a lesson today."

"You're not a young woman anymore, you should really be more discreet. After all, he's your only son…"

Mrs. Zhou's expression immediately darkened upon hearing Huo Mian's meaningful remarks. She walked in without saying anything else.

Behind them was a man, about 30 years or so in age. He was skinny and had a depressed look on his face.

However, he was wearing a suit and holding a professional-looking briefcase. He was probably that renowned lawyer the Zhous hired.

Just as Huo Mian was about to head in, she heard someone call out her name from behind.

"Huo Mian."





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