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Season 4

Episode 51

(Young Master Su’s Declaration of War (3)

"Um…" The judge had never encountered a case where a counterclaim was involved, so for a second there, he wasn't sure what to do with it.

"The case that we're bringing up is closely related to the last; therefore, I would like to request an acceptance and hearing of this case while both parties are present at this court," Dennis Wu requested.

After the judge and jury discussed the matter, they decided to accept the case and conduct the trial.

Zhou Guangming was dumbfounded by what was happening…

Zhang Shaochang was no longer arrogant; at that moment, he looked like a foolish moron.

Dennis Wu presented the pieces of proof, one by one, and asked Zhou Guangming countless questions; Zhou Guanming's words were all over the place and failed to express much meaning.

It was obvious that he was lying his ass off, with countless contradictions at that. He was not at all convincing in his testimony…

Huo Mian thought that things would come to an end as long as she was fine; to her surprise, Dennis Wu ended up counterclaiming Zhou Guangming.

She was also shocked…

However, she assumed that Qin Chu told Dennis Wu to do so. After all, Qin Chu abhorred injustice and people like that. Since Zhou Guangming tried to frame Huo Mian, there was no way Qin Chu would easily let him off the hook.

In the beginning, people wondered why Dennis Wu was hired to handle such an easy lawsuit.

If they already had the entire video in hand, did the lawyer really matter?

Now, they understood why this happened; Dennis Wu was there to put Zhou Guangming in jail. He was just too experienced in breaking down a person's mental defense.

Zhou Guangming was already in the wrong, plus, he wasn't a smart guy to begin with. After Dennis Wu probed further, Zhou Guangming basically confessed to everything.

In the end, Zhang Shaochang's face turned grim…

He didn't expect things to end up this way. If his mentor took the case, he was going to hit them hard.

In the end, the judge convicted Zhou Guangming of framing, illegal holding, attempted rape, and a series of other charges, along with 7 years and 5 months in prison, leaving the Zhous all dumbfounded.

"My son, my son…" Zhou Guangming's mother fainted instantly.

"Mom, Mom, wake up!" Zhou Guanghui just kept shaking her mother.

In the end, Zhou Guangming was taken into custody, and Mrs. Zhou was taken away by the ambulance…

The entire courtroom was chaotic…

Huo Mian slowly got up from the defendant's seat and bowed down to Dennis Wu.

"Thank you, Uncle Wu."

"Don't mention it, Qin Chu asked me to do him a favor, and I wasn't going to let him down." Dennis Wu smiled and began packing up his briefcase.

"Sir, can I treat you to lunch?" Huo Main wanted to show her gratitude.

"No, it's okay, I have to head over to the airport now to catch my flight to Jing City, and then back to the U.S. to attend another emergent case."

Dennis Wu declined Huo Mian's offer and quietly left the court with his assistant.

"Girl, I'm glad everything went well. This is great! Also… was Zhou Guangming actually sentenced to 7 years in jail? The verdict was in before I could even wrap my head around what was happening. Dennis Wu is really good!" Zhu Lingling said, extremely delighted at the outcome.

"Yeah, he's been in this business for so long, this is a piece of cake for him." Huo Mian smiled.

"So where should we head to now?" Zhu Lingling asked.

Before Huo Mian had a chance to respond, Gao Ran said, "Let's go find Qin Chu and make him treat us to an awesome meal."

Then, the three of them headed out the door, while Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling bickered in front of her.

Huo Mian slowly followed after them; just then, Su Yu appeared out of nowhere.


"Thanks." Huo Mian smiled at Su Yu.

Su Yu's heart almost shot out of his chest when he saw how gently Huo Mian was smiling. He became nervous.

"To celebrate your victory, why don't I treat you to lunch?"

"No, it's fine, I already made plans with friends, but thanks for your offer. Oh, and thanks for being here today." Huo Mian wholeheartedly thanked Su Yu.

After they exited, they saw a Maybach parked outside.

Qin Chu got off from the car; he was wearing a mysterious-looking black suit, and his movements were like that of royalty.

He walked up to Huo Mian, put her hand in his, and gave it a gentle kiss, "Good job."

Su Yu's brain froze immediately when he saw this scene in front of him.

Huo Mian's boyfriend was… Qin Chu? That new heir of GK? He had heard about him, seen him in magazines and on TV, but never interacted with him.

"So, are you surprised?" Huo Siqian, who just so happened to come out with them, went up to Su Yu and asked.

(Note: Karma does wonders… Zhou Guangming wanted to rape someone, and now he's gonna get raped, ayyyyyyyyyy , in prison, ayyyyyyyyy .)





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