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Season 4

Episode 64

(Oh She's Already Married (6)

Before Su Yu could say anything, Tang Chuan hurriedly said, "I'm surprised that you couldn't see right through this... It's very clear that Mian Mian is only a distraction, President Su placed her in front of all the press and public so she can become the cannon fodder. He's doing this to protect the person he really cares about."

"Ohh… look at you all high and mighty, Big Boy Su," laughed Wei Liao.

"Do you want me to call the funeral home? I'm sure they'd like to carry two sets of corpses away from my swimming pool," Su Yu coldly threatened.

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan immediately shut up…

- That night, at a high-end bar -

Like always, a bunch of people was drinking, and Mian Mian came into the room in a pink mini-skirt and red hat.

She directly sat beside Su Yu, and poured him a glass of wine while putting on a show of good behavior.

Su Yu occasionally looked at his phone, without any expressions on his face. His heart was someplace else

"President Su…"

"What?" Su Yu didn't even look up.

"Qingya seems to have wronged me for something, she's getting all the other celebrities in our company to bully me. I feel terribly mistreated... President Su, please help me."

"If you feel mistreated, then don't be a celebrity, just leave the company. You really shouldn't be an entertainer if you're this sensitive."

President Su still didn't look at her; instead, he flipped through Huo Mian's Weibo (TL note: Chinese Twitter).

A while ago, Weibo was getting quite popular, so Huo Mian got herself an account, but she didn't post on it too often.

She would only occasionally post or repost things when she had the time.

Her account name was quite cute, called the 'Penguin of Madagascar'.

However, Su Yu still managed to find her despite her online alias. After all, his people were quite resourceful.

He couldn't get her Wechat, but he could still follow her on Weibo.

Su Yu was a super V level user on Weibo, with over thirty million followers.

Plus, most of his followers were real account users, and even so, he had more followers than a lot of celebrities.

His name was also verified on Weibo, and his identity was the President of Imperial Star Entertainment and a board member of Su Financial Bank.

However, Su Yu was a lazy man who rarely used Weibo. He wouldn't even let his team take care of his account, because he thought that it defeated the purpose of having a Weibo account.

The last time he went on Weibo was a month ago when he reposted the new movie, Tale of the God of Gamblers, which his company collaborated with a Hong Kong company to make had been released. But even so, he received eighty thousand comments in one day.

Most of the commenters were delusional female fans that screamed out, "Hubby, you've finally updated your Weibo!"

"Hubby, we'll definitely support your new movie, even if it's bad."

"Hubby, post more selfies and share it with us."

Each and every one of them screamed out hubby and hubby again, and just like that, Su Yu became 'the husband of the people'.

Of course, this had to do with his face, since amongst the wealthy men, only a few were both handsome AND rich.

The heir of GK Corporation rarely showed his face, so hardly anyone followed him, whereas Su Yu was much more high-profile.

Even if a new girl was seen around him, the entertainment outlets would report about it for an entire week…

After he found Huo Mian's Weibo, Su Yu didn't follow her right away, because he feared that the netizens might see it.

He would only open up her Weibo and flip through each post. If he found something amusing he would laugh…

If he found something immature or cringey, he would also burst into laughter. Either way, Su Yu was having fun playing with his phone.

He didn't care about what Mian Mian was complaining about in her feud with Zhao Qingya.

"President Su, did I do something wrong?" Mian Mian wanted to cry, but no tears came out and she was just looking pitiful.

Finally, Su Yu put away his phone and, shooting a glance at her as he tilted his head, he asked, "Why do you ask?"

"Everyone out there says that there's something between us, but the truth is, there's nothing… Yet, I still have to deal with all the suspicion and curses, it's really a lot of pressure. So, I was wondering if I did something wrong that offended you." Mian Mian wasn't dumb, so she was able to analyze the situation clearly.

"Then do you think that you did anything wrong that offended me?" Amused, Su Yu looked at her.



  1. Wow so good. Thank you writer

  2. Dear author I like your story but it seems you including so many characters which some how makes the whole story lengthy.Why not focus on huo mian and Qin chu? Just a suggestion



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