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Season 4

Episode 68

(Oh She’s Already Married (10)

“Ahem… don’t scare me, I don’t have the guts to harass your wife, I still want to live.”

Gao Ran choked on his drink when that super-whipped husband of Huo Mian’s looked at him like that…

Of course, he wasn’t going to admit to ‘harassing’ his wife.

Qin Chu didn’t say anything and just enjoyed his drink. He knew that Gao Ran wasn’t someone who could keep a secret.

If something happened, Qin Chu never had to ask before Gao Ran spilled all his beans.

To no one’s surprise, Gao Ran, seeing that Qin Chu didn’t ask him, couldn’t keep it in any longer and said, “I broke up with Lin Xuejiao.”

“Oh.” Qin Chu barely made a reaction, as if he had predicted what would happen.

“She’s really not my type.”

“I bet you think Zhu Lingling is more your type, right?” Qin Chu suddenly interjected.

“Ha… yeah right, how does it have anything to do with Zhu Lingling? I thought about it for an entire day and night before breaking it off with Lin Xuejiao. Living with her for the rest of my life would be super tiring.”

“So you asked me to have a drink with you to celebrate your breakup?”

“Qin Chu, the hell, how would a full man like you understand a hungry man like me? Just because you’re married, you can’t make fun of single men like me! We’re not supposed to be celebrating, you’re supposed to be consoling me!”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, you don’t look that sad.”

“You’re right, I wasn’t in love with Lin Xuejiao or anything, but everyone thought that we would make a good couple, so they wanted us to date.”

“So I’m guessing that you drinking your sorrows away has something to do with Zhu Lingling, right?”

“That damned woman blocked me, I get angry as soon as I think about that. Whenever I send her a WeChat message, it shows that the message was declined. Are you kidding me?”

“Isn’t it normal for her to block you? You’re not her boyfriend. Maybe she got herself a new boyfriend, and he is the jelly type.”

“Do you think that’s possible?” Gao Ran became a little worried at what Qin Chu said.

“Of course it is, flight attendants always have a lot of suitors.”

“Why would anyone want to date Zhu Lingling? She’s so mean.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Qin Chu slowly took a sip of his wine.

Gao Ran became even more depressed after hearing what Qin Chu said….

“Can you ask your wife to come and join us for dinner after work?” Gao Ran thought, as long as Huo Mian was here, Zhu Lingling was definitely going to show up. After all, they were best friends.

“She’s working night shifts these days.”

“What a shame.” Gao Ran was slightly disappointed.

The truth was, Qin Chu knew how Gao Ran felt about Zhu Lingling a long time ago, but since Gao Ran didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t blow the cover for him.

When Gao Ran went to the bathroom, Qin Chu sent Huo Mian a WeChat message.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m eating, the food at the cafeteria sucks. I can’t believe I’m spending 50 yuan a day for lunch on this crap!”

“I can ask someone to bring you lunch in the future. The chefs are GK make pretty good food.”

“No, I don’t want to seem so spoiled. If everyone else can eat it, so can I. If anything, I’ll eat less at work and cook when I get home.”

“Good girl.” Qin Chu sent her a head-patting emoji.

“What about you? Are you finished with work? I won’t be home tonight, so remember to make yourself some food.”

“I’m with Gao Ran.”

“Oh yeah, you guys are together? Is he complaining to you about how Zhu Lingling blocked him?” Huo Mian laughed.


“Hahaha, Lingling is weird too, why block him? I bet Gao Ran lost his cool.”

“Yeah, he’s all over the place.”

“Keep him at bay, I’ll ask Lingling what happened.”

“Gao Ran broke up with that girlfriend of his.”

“That fast?” Huo Mian knew that they wouldn’t be together forever, but was still surprised at how short it lasted.

After some more chitchat with Qin Chu, Zhu Lingling called her back…

“Hey, I just got off the plane and saw your phone call. What’s up?” Zhu Lingling held her phone with one hand and pulled on her luggage with the other, looking like a full-on iron lady.




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