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Season 4

Episode 65

(Oh She’s Already Married (7)

“I… I’m not sure either, please tell me, President Su.” Mian Mian pressed her voice down and bit her lips.

“If there’s nothing else, then you should go. If you want to succeed in this industry, then don’t worry about these unnecessary things. Just play your part well and memorize your lines properly, because putting in your full effort is the only thing that matters. Remember, there’s no shortcut to success.”

“President Su, I actually….” Unwilling to give up, Mian Mian slid up to him.

She tried to move closer to Su Yu…

Su Yu immediately stood up and shouted as he pointed not far away, “Give me the mic, I know this song the best.”

After Su Yu spoke, he took the microphone and started singing…

Mian Mian was awkwardly set to the side….

Just then, Tang Chuan came over covered in the stench of alcohol and placed his arm around Mian Mian. He said, “Your president hasn’t been in a sexy mood recently, don’t waste your feelings on him. You should date me, I’ll treat you better than he ever would.”

“Haha… Young Master Tang, you’re being funny.” Mian Mian awkwardly smiled, and then stood up to say goodbye to Wei Liao and Tang Chuan.

“Ahem… Su Yu really is becoming classier, he won’t even sleep with someone who’s more than willing to crawl into his bed. Even though that chick has a lot of work done to her face, her figure is alright. It’d make me happy if I could have my way with her,” Tang Chuan shook his head and exclaimed.

“Su Yu is full of pride, he won’t sleep with just anyone. His temper is rotten as well, so please don’t cause more trouble for us.” Wei Liao drank as he watched Su Yu sing a song that he wasn’t familiar with.

After Mian Mian left, Su Yu stayed around with them for a while, but later realized that he wasn’t in the mood.

Su Yu’s Black Sesto Elemento Lamborghini Sixth Element was his favorite…

It was a rare limited edition car that was seen in the movie Need for Speed, and it was very cool. (TL Note: IMDb Rating: 6.5 out of 10, yeeeet)

It also suited Su Yu’s flashy personality…

He drove his black Lamborghini into the night and parked it outside the entrance of South Side Recuperation Center.

Ever since Huo Mian was promoted to Head Nurse, she didn’t work as many night shifts as she used to.

She would occasionally work one night shift for three days every two weeks, so it was relatively more relaxing.

Master Qin was also quite satisfied with this schedule as well.

Tonight, while Huo Mian was working the night shift, she suddenly received a delivery.

“I’m looking for a Ms. Huo Mian.”

“That’s me.” Huo Mian raised her hand.

“Hi, this is your delivery.”

“Uhm…” Huo Mian knew that she didn’t order anything online, so why would she suddenly receive a package?

When she saw how tightly packed the package was, she was worried that it might be an explosive device sent by terrorists.

“Why won’t you open it, Head Nurse?”

“Uhm… I’m afraid that it’s a bomb.”

“Maybe you’re worrying too much.” The nurse who was working the same shift as her was speechless.

Why else would they call the head nurse an abnormal woman? Even her logic was odd. Under normal circumstances, wouldn’t a woman be pleasantly surprised when they receive a package, and then guess who it was from?

Why would the head nurse think that a package would contain explosives just because she received it at night? What a weirdo.

Under the nurse’s encouragement, Huo Mian opened the package, finding it to be filled with late night snacks.

What a scare…

Plus it was a strange meal; because it wasn’t congee or bubble tea; it was smoked pork hock, chicken feet, sausages, and a few buns. It smelled delicious, but it seemed inappropriate to eat all this so late at night.

“Head Nurse, this is so considerate, it must be from your boyfriend.” The nurse was overwhelmed with envy.

Huo Mian knew that this definitely wasn’t Qin Chu’s doing, because Mr. Qin would personally deliver the food, and then stick around and try to take advantage of her.

“Could it be…?” Huo Mian thought of a person, but she couldn’t be sure.

Huo Mian only came into contact with so many people, and her social circle was small, so hardly anyone she knew would send her a midnight snack like this.





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