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Season 4

Episode 14

(A Little Too Much Fun (6)

"Oh, um, Lingling was at a party and had too much to drink, so I picked her up."

"Do you know what time it is? Do you think it was safe for you to pick her up at a nightclub?" Qin Chu's voice was cold and distant, unlike how he usually sounded…

Huo Mian had the feeling that something was wrong.

"Oh… it's fine, I'm not the one who's drunk. Plus, here I am, safely at home." Huo Mian smiled.

Qin Chu didn't say anything else, but his expression was still aloof…

"Are you hungry? I can make you a midnight snack."

"No, I already ate."

"Then should I draw you some water so you can take a bath?" guilty, Huo Mian asked.

"You should sleep first, I still have work to do." Then, Qin Chu got up and headed upstairs to his study.

He closed the door with a 'bang'; even the sound was louder than it usually was.

Huo Mian was puzzled, "Is Mr. Qin PMS-ing? He's acting a little weird today."

Although she wondered why he acted that way, she didn't think too much into it. There was no way Huo Mian was going to tell Qin Chu about what happened just now.

If Qin Chu found out that she stood up against more than 20 men and almost got hurt, he would go crazy. She knew how much Qin Chu cared about her personal safety.

The sky-high insurance that Qin Chu bought her was proof of how much he cared.

Therefore, Huo Mian took a shower and crawled into bed…

She waited a long time, but Qin Chu didn't come; in the end, she fell asleep alone.

- Inside the study -

Qin Chu stared at his laptop, but he had no intention to work.

He was at a neighboring city, ready for an all-night emergency meeting.

GK had made property investments in that city, but the local government implemented new policies, so they had to make adjustments.

In order to not waste the billions they had invested, Qin Chu had no choice but to inspect the construction site in person.

Then, he brought along some executives and engineers to attend the all-night meeting.

However, at around midnight, someone sent him a video…

The video was from Rick; they were friends but rarely hung out.

Usually, unless it was absolutely necessary, Rick rarely contacted Qin Chu, because both of their statuses in society were too special.

Moreover, no one knew that when Qin Chu lived in the United States, he and Rick, and even Rick's family, were abnormally close.

After he returned to China, Qin Chu only asked Rick for one favor, and that was to investigate the truck that almost hit Huo Mian.

Therefore, Rick would never send a video to him out of boredom…

Qin Chu waved his hand, signaling them to stop the meeting. Then, he walked into the lounge and opened the video.

After watching it, his entire face fell…

The Seductive Fox Nightclub was one of Rick's family's businesses, and cameras were installed in every corner of the club.

Therefore, from Huo Mian's entrance to her exit, Qin Chu saw everything, bright and clear.

Below the video, Rick added, "I heard that you're not in the city, but don't worry, I promise that nothing will happen to her."

What he meant was, Rick was going to make sure Huo Mian left the club safely. However, she managed to escape herself.

Although what she did was risky, it was still impressive…

Huo Mian probably didn't know, but someone was actually secretly protecting her when she was at Seductive Fox doing her thing.

After Qin Chu saw what Huo Mian did, he lost his cool…

He was not in the mood to continue with the meeting, so he drove home and waited for Huo Mian to confess and apologize.

He had already warned her not to do anything stupid, but she kept putting herself behind enemy lines…

What if the nightclub didn't belong to Rick? What if the men she faced were outlaws?

Would Huo Mian have walked out alive? He didn't even want to think about it.

However, after he got home and interrogated Huo Mian, she played dumb with him and didn't even mention what happened.

Did he not even have the right to worry about her? Weren't married couples supposed to tell each other everything?

This was the first time Qin Chu felt as mad as he did…

He was more furious than ever, so he ignored Huo Mian and went up to his study room alone.

He didn't go back to her room all night.

- The next morning -

After Huo Mian got up, she didn't see breakfast on the table, nor Qin Chu in the condo.

She sent him a WeChat message, "Did you go to work?"

She waited a while, but no one replied. Huo Mian assumed that Qin Chu was busy, so she didn't think too much into it.

She left the condo; assuming that the people from last night remembered her license plate, she didn't want to drive, so she took a cab to the hospital instead.

She received a call from Zhu Lingling as soon as she arrived.

"Girl, what happened last night?" Zhu Lingling's voice was raspy, as she asked drowsily.

(Author Note: did you guys notice that everytime Qin Chu was a little mad, Huo Mian would always bring up food? Oh, what you want for lunch? Oh, what you want for dinner? Oh, want midnight snack?" ).





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